The amazing effects of buah merah red fruit

Buah Merah (red fruit) Testimonials

Since it was being published by a notable Indonesian health Magazine in the beginning of 2004, pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) became very popular in many conversations. Many testimonies appeared to convince the amazing effects of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah). For example : success stories in treatment by pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) from various famous artists. When pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) season is over, supply of the raw material is scarce, customers had to order first before they could get the pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) oil

Following are some real testimonies of consumers who had been recovered from hard to recover diseases.


“Stroke sufferer, now has free activities …” Heavy stroke attacked her in 2002. She was unable to move her left arm and foot, It was really amazing that after consuming pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) extract for two weeks, she was completely healed and was able to do normal activities.

Heart attack

“My heart gets stronger…”
During his rehabilitation time after a by-pass operation, he began to consume pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) regularly, in fact many changes happened. He doesn’t have any gastric problems anymore and his heart is getting stronger.

Heart attack

“Salute for pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)”
After having the benefits of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah), Mr.Budi who had several heart attacks, stopped using imported anti –oxidant super pills. He only drinks pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah), and his body is always fresh, he sleeps much better and feels much stronger now.


“My cancer tumors became smaller after drinking pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)”
A week after drinking pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) three times a day, the doctor said that her cervix cancer size reduced 50%


“My myoma has been healed..”
According to the doctor, only scalpel could end my suffering caused by myomauteri, but after consume pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) oil (MBM) my myoma has been healed and I could face my future.

Cyst and Diabetes

“Only in 5 months cyst and diabetes disappeared”
The check up result from my doctor in Singapore proved that a number of my tumor markers are reduced, became 31,1 (before: 62,5) so they cancelled my operation and the diabetes number also reduced from 108 to 87.

Weakness Nerves

“The weakness nerves were healed after drinking 3 (three) bottles of pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah)..”

Abraham couldn,t do anything before, not even eat or take a bath, he always needed someone’s help, now everything is OK. Pandanous conoideus (red fruit / buah merah) overcame his weakness and blood circulation.

Testimonial Reports on Buah Merah – Japan

Here are testimonial reports from those who took or are ingesting Buah Merah

My sister had a tumor like the egg of a quail inside of her womb

The tumor is healable by drinking the Red Fruit Oil. We have to drink a table soon of the Red Fruit twice a day, once in the morning and the other at night.

My wife has a tumor inside of her womb. She has a painful hip and diarrhea each day and no medication could help her to recover. She became a little bit weaker and her body got a little warmer when she consumes the Red Fruit afterwards.

That is the effect of the Red Fruit Oil. It will be better when she keeps consuming it 3×1 per day for a couple of weeks. Of course, she has to take care of her meals and eat the right food. Do not eat fatty foods. It’s better to be a vegetarian.

My wife has cancer in the womb and gets some chemotherapy. What’s the dosage she has to consume each day?

Consume the Red Fruit two days after the chemotherapy when the injected chemicals reactions to the cells are over.

I have nerve tumors that make nerves smaller and smaller. It is present unto my face, back and hands. I have it since I was born. It is going better after I am consuming the Red Fruit Oil. Until when do I have to consume the Red Fruit and what kind of food should I not eat?

Keep going to consume the Red Fruit and there’s no limited time.

What’s the dosage to recover from Parkinsons disease?

2×1 table spoons a day. Please, consume one hour after consuming the doctor’s medicine if you do.

Can the Red Fruit Oil recover an almond problem sufferer?

The children with almond problems do not need to get an operation. Consume the Red Fruit Oil 2×1 teaspoon per day and the almond will be shrieked two weeks after.

Can the Red Fruit Oil medicate the low blood pressure?

There’s cholesterol in the hypertension sufferer and the viscosity becomes more sticker. The antioxidant is to neutralize the viscosity of the blood. Sometimes, there is no cholesterol in the low blood pressure. The low blood pressure is caused by deficiency of nutrition, particularly the nutrition of egg, milk and meat.

Improvement of skin and constipation :35-year old, Female

Three days after taking BM, my skin became smooth and I had no more constipation.

Stamina strengthened :42-year-old, Male

Two days after taking BM, I felt strengthened stamina and did not feel any exhausted after overwork.

Skin Improvement: 58-year old, Female

After taking BM, I felt sleepy and hot in my body. Three days after, my skin turned to very shinny.

Improvement of body conditions: 80-year old, Male

After taking BM, I had no feeling tiredness and good sleep. I am very happy my body conditions were improved.

Improvement of entire body: 33-year old, Female

Two days after taking BM, swelling (edema) of both legs disappeared, I could have deep sleep and dryness under the eye lids had gone.

Feeling hotness: 37-year old, Male

Two hours after taking BM, I felt my body became hot. BM might be effective against body coldness which is a common problem for Japanese.

Effective in the skin problems: 72-year old, Female

I am a housewife. Since I was young, I had been suffering from body coldness and skin problems (coarse/rough ski). During every winter season, my skin was dried and I felt itching at my back and arms. Therefore my skin was so rough and I felt ashamed of my skin when taking hot spring with my friends.

I was worrying of my skin problems (dry skin) again in winter season, but I did not experience in severe skin problems like itching and injuries withy hemorrhage. My skin was very smooth. This improvement on my skin problems was caused by BM ingestion, I believed.

Cure from breast cancer: 40-year old, Female

I was diagnosed as multiple breast cancer and therefore I started to drink Noni juice, 60 mL x 3 times daily, from February, 2008. Since my breast cancer would be chemotherapied with Eressa from March, I decided to supplement with BM.

The examination one month after taking BM revealed that volume of pleural fluid definitely decreased and that X-ray translucency was weakened. My doctor was so much surprised at rapid improvement.

Simultaneously, my entire conditions got better and my ordinal life was so much improved.

Two-month after examination showed slight anemia but no dysfunctions on the liver and kidneys.

I did not know which were effective against my breast cancer, noni juice or BM, but I want to take both natural remedies in continue.

Improvement of emaciation: 46-year old, Male

I am 167 cm tall with 47 kg in weight and my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 16.5 before taking BM. So, I was so emaciation and deficient in nutrition. From before, I have been suffering from stomach problem.

I notice that BM might be effective for emaciation, and started to take BM from April, 2009.

My BMI increased to 17.3 from the previous value (16.5) 1 month after commencement of BM ingestion. I am sure that BM improved my emaciation.

I will continue to take BM in order to fight against my emaciation or nutritious deficiency.

Medicare for her mother: 40th -old, Female

I am working for Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo. BM has been researched and developed by one Japanese researcher, I know. Based on his research and study reports, I could realize its benefit and started to take it. I further knew that BM from Papua, Indonesia is subject to mutual Material Transfer Agreement between Indonesian Government and Japanese entrepreneur, M&K Laboratories Inc. based on Biodiversity Treaty by United Nations and the book regarded to BM was published in Indonesian language by the researcher. So I really understand BM’s merits.

I feel myself healthy and periodically send BM to my old mother living in Indonesia.

Improvement of rheumatoid: 70th -old, Female

My mother (70th years old) had finger joint rheumatoid with difficulty to hold and/or stretch her fingers. Three to four months after commencement of BM, she noticed her fingers could move easily. So painfulness of her fingers disappeared and she could move her fingers very well without feeling pain.

Improvement of Joint pain: 69-year old. Female

I have been suffering from both joint pain and having chiropractic therapy for more than 10 years. Two years ago, I was advised to take BM by a specialist of BM research. I was not sure and feared that natural supplement like BM might improve or relief my complaint.

However, along with time of 3 months and 6 months, I noticed that I did not visit the clinic of chiropractic therapy everyday. That visiting number decreased absolutely. And I did not feel difficulty to walk for a long distance.

I spent a bit of money for BM, but it is cheaper than payment for daily chiropractic therapy. I do not mind to spend my money for maintaining my health, but it is imperative to get any benefit from my expenses. I am sure that BM can commit my idea.

Improvement of constipation and skin conditions: 45-year old. Female

I had been suffering from the reproductive problems and constipation by inadequate food intake and smoking.

I knew the efficacy of new functional food, BM from Papau, Indonesia in a book, and then she decided to take BM to examine its functions for testing using herself.

As of now, three months passed and I found my consistent constipation disappeared and felt my skin beautiful.

I cannot stop smoking and she worries of her possible lung and breast cancers as I am a single. I can tell everybody that BM is a promising chemo-preventive natural medicine to prevent such kind of age-related diseases.

Lung cancer: 70 -year old, Male

In May of 2008, I was diagnosed of lung cancer, 3 cm in the left lung and no metastasis was found. In June, I was admitted for chemotherapy starting at middle of July. I was told by his doctor that my current health conditions could not tolerate to the surgical operation and then chemotherapy started. Because of chemotherapy, serious side-effects appeared and I lost complete appetite.

During the time, I was advised by my friend to try taking BM, new functional food rich in beta-cryptoxanthin from Papua island, Indonesia. He explained me that beta-cryptoxanthin which is a worldwide well-known micronutrient to prevent lung cancers and else.

I started to take 2 capsules after each meal while I was being treated at the hospital. Three days after taking BM, I felt appetite and my son also told I looked better compared to the previous.

I also experienced that new anticancer drug therapy did not cause the side-effects.

At the end of August (1 month after commencement of BM), hmy lung cancer was reduced in size from 3 cm to 2 cm. In September I left the hospital as my lost body weight increased 4 kg.

In December, the cancer shrunken and became the scar into 5 mm in size. The tumor marker turned down into normal level.

Diabetes Mellitus: 45-year old, Male

I was healthy and did not suffer from any ailment until I became 40-year old.

From my early 40th , my blood glucose level stated elevation. It might be caused by irregular life style and junk foods.

The blood glucose level and HbA1C were 373 mg/dL and 12.0 in May, 2008, respectively. I decided to improve my conditions by changing the life-style and taking natural herbal foods; Noni juice and BM which are Indonesian natural medicinal plants. They are 100% pure without any synthetic substances.

Twenty days after commencement of natural remedies, my blood glucose level dropped to 253 mg/dL. Blood level fell down along with taking them at 166 mg/dL at 50 days and 144 mg/dL at 3 months after start of natural therapy. HbA1C levels also lowered to 7.2 at 3-month after taking noni juice and BM. In addition, my body fat index changed from 17.2% before and 14.2% after treatment.

I think that both natural food supplements make me juveniles.

Lung cancer, stage IIb:71-year old, Male

He has a 45 year-smoking history from 19 to 65 years old.

When he was admitted at hospital for treatment of lung cancer, stage IIb, his friend advised to take BM. He started taking two times higher dose of BM, 12 capsules daily in April, 2009. At that time, he had severe pneumonia, because he was treated with chemotherapy.

In June, his doctor said that the tumor was decreasing in size, but he suffered from pneumonia. In August, he was told by the doctor to leave the hospital, because his ill conditions were getting better, and he could speak well (improvement of pneumonia).

The doctor said and was surprised that the tumor was shrunken faster and effectively than he expected.

His wife wrote a letter to the friend of her husband that they did not mention to the doctor he was taking BM. She strongly believes that BM improves and cures the lung cancer.

He has promised to follow his doctor’s treatment together with taking BM to avoid the re-growth of lung cancer.

Cuffing by heavy smoking: 61 year-old, Male

I started smoking when I was 20 years old. I spends two packs of cigarettes daily. So I am a current smoker for 40 years.

I was experiencing in suffering from cuffing, breathing difficulty and vomiting when brushing the teeth because of heavy smoking. In addition, along with aging I felt dizzy and tired and not-good feeling.

Five (5) years ago when I found BM and noticed that BM is rich in beta-cryptoxanthin. I know that beta-cryptoxanthin is a potential chemopreventive ingredient against cancers of the lungs, prostate, large intestines, uterus etc. and may be multi-potential food supplement of carotenoids, vitamin E etc.

Therefore, I began to take 6 capsules; 3 in the morning and 3 at night daily.
I noticed very soon after commencement of intake that my cuffing and difficulty in

breathing, and vomiting stopped in spite of continuous smoking of 2 packs a day.

Further, I felt healthier and no more dizzy or tired.

I am sure that BM helps me so much in daily hard work and deep sleep and give stamina.
I have been taking BM for 5 years without any adverse events including skin color change to yellowish that is often caused by excess orange.

Lung cancer: 74 year-old, Male

I had been smoking for more than 50 years. Five (5) years ago, I was diagnosed as lung cancer. The nodule of cancer, around 7cm in diameter grew at the left main bronchus. Operation was impossible because of difficult position of the cancer. The tumor was suspected as squamous lung cancers.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy were decided for most possible treatment by a doctor. Immediately after the diagnosis was made, I was advised to take BM and noni juice by my brother. I followed this suggestion, though I had never taken any kind of food supplements. I started to take 6 capsules of BM and around 100 ml of noni juice daily before and after lung cancer therapy. Of course, I tried to stop smoking.

Though my hairs were fallen due to chemotherapy, I did not experience any intolerable and serious side effects. After complete cycles of therapy, I left the hospital, and I has been taking BM and noni juice in continue.
Every month when I saw my doctor, tumor mass was getting smaller and finally it became about 5 mm scar. Cancer and clinical parameters were completely normal. The doctor said that this case was very rare among his experiences; unbelievable complete cure.

Five (5) years after treatment, I am healthier than ordinal others and have strong appetite. I am taking BM and noni juice everyday.

Improvement of ling cancer: 50 years old, Female
My Name Mira Puspita, 50 year old women, Stewardess.

From the results of general check-up in April 2010 it was found a lump in the left lung.
After further examination, I was diagnosed with lung cancer which had in metastasis to the Spine (stage 4).
In May 2010, doctors give treatments of 8 times Radiotherapy and oral Chemotherapy until today.

From the moment my doctor diagnose the disease until now, I continuously and regularly consume Noni juice and capsules of Buah Merah.

The CT-Scan results obtained on April 2010 Month revealed the sized of cancer in Lung was 2cm x 2cm, In August 2010 the size was decreasing to 1.5 cm x 1, 5cm, and in October 2010 the size was only 1cm x 1cm.

The result of the Bone Scan in April and October 2010 revealed a significant improvement on the metastasis cancer in the Spine.

I really appreciate to Dr.Toshiaki Nishigaki for supporting me with Buah Merah. May Good Bless You.”

Revitalizing and juvenile: 45 years old, Female
Buah Merah is revitalizing me.

I am a mom with 3 kids, my age 45 years, I’m from Bali Indonesia.
I got a gift from Myoukei Nishigaki San, from Japan. two bottles of red fruit capsules.

I consume it regularly twice a day for a month. since then I never again consume other vitamins, I have seen so many changes, especially in the skin of my face that was lots of wrinkles, but now looks fresh and clean, also I had experience disruption when I was sleep but now I can sleep soundly.

Red fruit so very good. I am grateful for the gifts that meant so much.

Relief from tiredness: 32 years old, Man
After taking red fruit capsules twice a day, I felt I was strong and did not feel tired doing everyday activities.  I was sleeping very soundly.
Red fruit capsules is best eaten by anyone, including active men like me

Sputa, Nail and Hairs changed nicely: Chika TOKUNAGA, 50th, female,
I am a fanatic smoker.
When I studied cooking in Korea, I was very happy to chat with many lovely and kind Korean women, except one thing.
This is a fact that almost all of Korean women do not smoke.
I looked for nice woman who was also loving smoking, and found one.
She is fanatic like me.
She told me she was taking very nice functional supplement to prevent lung cancer.
That is Buah Merah imported from Japan.

My husband is a fanatic smoker, too.
We found the manufacturer of Buah Merah 500VE; M&K Laboratories Inc.
We have been taking 4 capsules daily since December of 2011, so it passed 7 months.

One day, even now I found my nail turned into reddish-complexion from pale, and the hairs, too change glossy or shiny from rough condition without luster.
Our sputa was yellowish before because of heavy smoking and infection in the trachea, but after taking Buah Merah 500VE, you know our sputa has changed into transparent one.

This indicates that Buah Merah normalizes respiratory tracts damaged by smoking.



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  1. ask ko lang po ilang beses iniinom ang burah merah at gaano kdami kung may cervial problem

    1. Try 1 bottle a day divided into 2 dosage.

  2. Is this recommend for children 8 yrs old and below?

    1. Yes, even for the new born and pregnant is safe. Buah merah mix is a pure organic natural juice.

      1. How many dose for infant like 8months old onwards

  3. Ask q lng po ang anak q my lymphoblastic leukemia ano po ok sa knya ung capsule o ung buah merah bottle

    1. Walang pong buah merah mix capsule, power mix lang po na nilalagyan ng tubig ang buah merah mix. Kelangan po at least 1 bottle a day para mabilis ang pag galing.

  4. I need your help po kasi naaalarma po ako baka kasi ooperahan ako pag di natanggal ang 5cm cyst..tapos parang lumalaki tiyan ko pero 1week na po ako umiinum ng buah merah…

  5. Good day po I have a daughter (1&1/2 y/o) with cystic hygroma(inborn) pede po ba sya uminom ng buah merah na ito?

    1. Pwede po kahit sa sangol ang buah merah mix. Pure organic ang nutural juice po ang buah merah, safe kahit inumin kahit anong edad dahil ito ay pinaghalong sangkap ng prutas at halaman.

  6. My side effect po b cia s mga una days ng inom like nahihilo? Mga ganun po..

  7. Pwede po ba mag take ng buah merah habgng nagchechemo?

    1. Pwede po para tumaas ang inyong platelet at immune system.

  8. Pwede ba uminom ng buah kapag nag iinom ng gamot na warfarin or blood thinner

  9. I’m in my 1st trimester of my pregnancy at my gallstone po ako. Ok lang ba na iinom ako ng buah merah mix. Wala ba itong side effect sa baby ko in this very early stage of my pregnancy.

    1. Pure organic ang natural juice po ang buah merah mix, mas magiging healthy po ang baby sa pag inom ng buah merah mix dahil nag cocorect ng dna problem ang buah merah bago pa man lumabas ang baby.

  10. I just take buaw merah last night..and it works kasi ung manhid kong dalawang braso at kamay,kagabi di namanhid…tanong lang lo,pwede po ba mag food supplement din ako capsule na herbal po ito..? Thanksituloy ko po ang pag inum dito kasi it really works.. Praise God!

    1. Ok lang po, wala namang contraindication ang buah merah mix dahil pure and organic natural juice lang sya.

  11. Aurain joy cantor

    9 weeks na po akong pregnant may bleeding po sa loob ng matres ko, almost 3weeks na po akomg umiinom ng pangpakapit. Pde po ba akong umiinom ng burah merah para narin mag stop ung bleeding ko? Thanks

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Yes, pwede po at safe sya kahit sa buntis

  12. Hi po ask ko lng po kng ok un buah merah kc un prob ng husband ko abt sperm motility and erctile dysfunction…nsa abrod po cy b4 uwi… treatment cy 3mons den chek up ulit for sperm analysis..gusto sana mgkbby….tnx

    1. Grapeseed po ang dapat sa kanya, product din po ng essensa. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  13. can this cure insomia?

    1. Yes

  14. makakatulong po ba ito pag may pcos at irregular menstruation?

    1. Yes Mam, mabisa po sa ganyang karamdaman. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  15. Hi I suffered from preeclampsia in my first pregnancy two years ago that caused my baby’s death while inside my womb. Now Im pregnant and Im afraid this would happen again. Makakatulong po ba ang Buah Merah Juice para maprevent ito. Thank you so much po!

    1. Yes, malaki po ang maitutulong para lumakas ang inyong immune system at ng baby

      1. Hi po Thank you for the prompt reply! follow up question po, is it safe to take buah merah juice for a pregnant taking in aspirin?

      2. Yes, kung because buah merah mix is not a medicine, it is pure and organic natural juice without additives ar preservatives. Extract lang po sya galing sa halaman at prutas at walang halong chemical.

      3. sir, gusto ko mgkababy. dami ko na nainom na BM. late ung period ko 42 days wala pa ako period pero i’m not preggy cuz wala pa Mister ko. so no intercourse at all. darating na sya this dec 24th gusto ko sana mabuntis. pero di pa ako ngkakaperiod. something’s wrong with me.

      4. For more info please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

  16. hi, may cyst kasi ako sa breast, and gusto ko sanang itry ang buah merah, ilan ang dapat kong iconsume in a day?

    1. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  17. Kaya po bang gamutin ng buah merah ang pneumonia?..

    1. Pwede po

  18. Hi po, may side effects po ba ang pag inum ng buah merah, like pagkahilo andd pagsusuka? Tnx

  19. Good day po! Marmi po ako naririnig na good effects ng BM, and gsto ko sna mgtry.. Meron po akong fatty liver, and now nkkramdam na po ako ng kirot on the lower right side of my stomach.. natatakot po ako mgpacheck up. and at the same time, my husband wants to get me preganant sooner eh I irregular po period ko. Please help me po. Ilan po dapat ko iconsume in a day.

    Thanks po, your repply will be highly appreciated.

    1. for more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  20. Can Bush merah cure stomach issues like infection?

  21. is bua merah can be effective cured of parlinson desease

  22. am still in my 2nd week of taking buah merah yet felt great in my usual problem of constipation and skin irritation which caused me to be aloof, depressed and sttessed all the time, not showing myself to people because of the rashes in my entire body.. i just hope that this will continue to make me feel better and bring back my joys and happiness that deprived me because of such irritation.. am sure that aside from prayers, buah merah is a big help as well..

  23. Migraine poh ba kya ren pagalingngin

    1. Yes, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  24. hello po im trying to conceive.pwede po ba inumin ang bua merah mix wla po ba itong side effects at safe if ever mgka pregnant ako?

  25. hello . I was diagnosed with multinodular goiter last sept 24. A lump in my throat . Aside from my medication. I am taking Xantone plus capsule for 2 weeks now. Is it fine to also drink buahmerahmix?

    please let me know. ive read a lot of good stories about buah merah mix

  26. Maganda po ba ang buah merah sa dinadialysis na po? Gaano po ba kadami ung kailangan inomin sa isang araw sir? Ty po hope to recieved a reply po! Godbless…

    1. Kelangan po 1 bottle a day pero konti lang ang tubig.

  27. Hi po sir, Nakakatulong po ba ang BM sa right hip bone fracture to re connect sa 84 years old tatay ko nadulas kasi siya sa hagdan.Nag aalala po kasi kami dahil baka hindi makayanan ang operation dahil sa edad niya.

  28. helo po can u please tell me the real and fake buah mera mix kasi nkabili po ako dto sa uae ung isang cup niya my ring ung isa wala tas there is like ingredients like mangosten and so on after the mark “MIX” in the front side of the bottle but there is also the FDA number and essensa logo.

  29. Can buah merah cure hepatitis b?

  30. How about po sa HIV positive nakakatulong ba to? To cure the disease?

    1. Yes, malaki po naitutulong para ma prevent ang virus.

  31. I am ovarian cancer patient. I am on my chemo treatment. The person who introduced me to bua merah advised me to take the drinks during my chemo treatment including the days while receiving the chemicals injection. In fact, I drank 2 bottles each day for 2 days before and after the treatment in past. How this affect the treatment? Did it contravene the chemo treatment? I am worried. I just read your response advising to take the buah mera 2 days after receiving the treatment. I am extremely worried. Please response at your earliest.

  32. Nag chechemotheraphy po ang mother ko ngayon at umiinom ng buah merah. Ok lang po ba ito? ano po ang advisable na pag inom nito pag nag chechemo?

  33. may VENOUS INSUFFIENCY po ako. gaano kadaming buah merah mix ang iinumin ko po. gagaling po kaya sakit ko pag buah merah ang ginamit ko?

    1. For more info please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

  34. My wife is taking her chemodrug and it’s in oral form. Will it affect if she will partner it with buahmerah…??tnx.or will it contradict the effect of the chemo drug because shes taking it daily unlike other chemos.

    1. Yes, buah merah mix is safe, pure organic and natural juice.

  35. Pwede ba uminom ng buah merah kaht umiinom ng alak

    1. Pwede po, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

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