Herpes is a skin disease caused by the herpes virus. The disease is characterized by appearance of fragmented nodules in the skin and it very itchy. Nodules of this disease can attack the whole body or in around the genitals area. Currently there are two types of herpes is herpes namely herpes that attacks the […]

High blood pressure

High blood pressure caused heart work that serves as a blood pump is not running as it should. Heart work in pumping blood that is too fast is what is called high blood pressure disease. One of the triggers of this phenomenon is the lack of blood oxygen and / or the blood is too […]


According to a survey conducted, so far ± 5000 people died caused by lupus disease. The disease is known by red spot with butterfly shaped on a wound or bite scratches scar. This disease is an autoimmune disease that attacks the immune system from within and not able to recognize his own body tissue. Immune […]

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus is often also called blood sugar disease. This disease caused by pancreas work was disturbed, so it can not produce insulin in sufficient portion. As a result, carbohydrate metabolism is disturbed and glucose can not be processed by the body, the sugar content in the blood increases, and then issued together with urine. […]


Stroke is a disease that attacks the brain. This disease is usually caused by a frozen blood and accompanied by a narrowing of blood vessels. High blood pressure also became one of the triggers of this disease. If blood pressure rises, blood clot, and there was narrowing of blood vessels, blood supply to the brain […]

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