Buah Merah Mix Super Antioxidant Promotes Natural Healing

What you need to know about Buah Merah Mix Juice

“Buah Merah Mix Juice is immune system booster that promotes natural healing.”

Buah Merah is the main ingredient of “Buah Merah Mix” – a rich source of natural Vitamin E and Omega 3, 6 and 9 that are important antioxidant to destroy “Oxygen Free Radicals” that attack our healthy cells.

The higher the level of antioxidants in our body helps to slow down aging process and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Buah Merah Mix is Proven Safe and Effective

  • 100% Natural and Non-Toxic
  • No Side Effects
  • Can be Used in Long Term
  • Can be Integrated with Medical Treatment
  • 10th National Product Quality Excellence Awardee for 2014-2015 | Q ASIA’S Seal of Product and Quality Service
  • Rich Source of Natural Vitamins and Micro-nutrients

Buah Merah Mix is a Synergy of 6 Super Natural Antioxidants

“A powerful supplement that promotes natural healing with ingredients of 6 Super Natural and organic anti-oxidant”. The human body naturally produces free radicals and the antioxidants to counteract their damaging effects. However, in most cases, free radicals far outnumber the naturally occurring antioxidants. In order to maintain the balance, a continual supply of external sources of antioxidants is necessary in order to obtain the maximum benefits of antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit the body by neutralizing and removing the free radicals from the bloodstream.

buah merah mix organic antioxidant

Natural Components of Buah Merah Mix Juice

  1. Buah Merah – Beta Cryptoxanthin, rich in Vitamin E and Pro – Vitamin A. Carotenoids include alpha and Beta – Carotene
  2. Moringa – 90 Nutrients & 46 Antioxidants, Vitamins (A, B12, B6, C, E & K), Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Chromium, Potassium), Rich in Fiber
  3. Mangosteen – Phytonutrients (Xanthones, Catechines, Proanthocyanidins) rich in Iron, Fiber and Carbohydrates
  4. Wheat Grass – Natural Chlorophyll, Enzymes (SOD) over 90 Mineral, High concentrations of Potassium, Calcium, MAgnesium and Sodium, Vitamin A and C
  5. Guyabano – Annonaceous Acetogenins, Vitamin C, B1, B2, Potassium and Dietary Fiber, Acetogenins, Muricins, Annomuricine and Muricapentocin, Muricatocins A and B
  6. Barley – Enzymes (Fatty Acid Oxidase, Peroxidase Catalase, Cytochrome Oxidase and Transhydrogenase), Chlorophyll, Arginine (14.3mg/g) Procollagen Type IV

What is Buah Merah Plant (Red Fruit)

Buah Merah (Red Fruit)

Buah Merah Plants are found among the density of tropical forest, spread within cool mountain climate on 2000 to 3000 meters above sea level in Papua, Indonesia.

Buah Merah means RED (Merah) and FRUIT (Buah). It looks like a Giant Corn or Carrot.

– Red Fruit is safe
– Red Fruit is 100% Natural
– No Side Effects
– Red Fruit can be consumed Long term
– It is proven to boost immune system

Research and Studies of Buah Merah

Dr Toshiaki Nishigaki

D.r T. Nishigaki

Studies were made from the extracted oil of the Buah Merah fruit and experts found out that it was a very good source of micro nutrient supplement for beta-Cryptoxanthin.

Various doctors, scientists and even tourists from all over the world started flocking the mountainous regions of Papua once the word got out and one of them was Dr. Toshiaki Nishigaki of Tokyo, Japan. (Vice Chairman of the NGO Research Association  of Tropical Medicinal Plants and Consultant of M&K Laboratories).

Dr. Nishigaki presented the profiles of Buah Merah and beta-Cryptoxanthin during the 1st Buah Merah Science and Business Meeting held at the Micron’s Head Office in Tokyo Japan on May 17, 2011.

He emphasized the safety and efficacy of Buah Merah for lung cancer, colon cancer, joint pain, liver dysfunction, diabetes mellitus, virus infection, pms, osteoporosis and among others. It was also noted that buah merah might be associated with quenching  ROS/RNS resulting in cancer prevention and possible treatment.

Research and Formulation of Buah Merah Mix

Joy Alcasabas, former FDA Drug Reseacher and a USA trained Chemist

Joy Alcasabas

Buah Merah Mix Juice was formulated in the Philippines by a Filipino Chemist. Ms. Jocelyn Alcasabas is a USA trained chemist, Derma Products Specialist, former BFAD employee for ten Years and 20 years in Manufacturing Industry.

Dr. Nishigaki called up his friend in the Philippines, Ms. Joy Al casabas – a professional licensed chemist, owner and President of Lynx Nia Medica and Essensa Naturale.

He introduced to her the Buah Merah oil extract and its possible uses and applications. It didn’t take long for Joy to come up with various formulations from cosmetics, to liniment pain reliever and a natural health drink that even enhances and utilizes the power of the buah merah.

Thus, the Buah Merah Mix Super Anti-Oxidant Natural health Drink was born in 2012. What made this formula unique was the infusion of other super anti-oxidants known to man and science.

Buah Merah Mix Helps in Improving Health Conditions

No wonder this product “Buah Merah Mix” has created a lot of testimonies and a huge number of followers in just a short period of time and the miracles of healing is actually brought about by our own human cells called the immune system.

Taking just a couple of bottle caps full every 30 minutes before meal can effectively supplement our nutritional daily needs that we no longer get from our regular diet. But for those with already ailing illnesses, a mega dosage is recommended depending on the seriousness of the disease.

The big difference which makes the “Buah Merah Mix Juice” stand-out among the rest of the supplements  available in the market today is it’s immediate and almost instant effect in improving people’s health condition. But these are not intended to treat or replace any medications prescribed by doctors. Keep in mind that its just a simple food loaded with nutrients coming from nature itself which are organic, non-toxic and all natural.

Please note however that Buah Merah Mix is NOT a medicine. Although it is proven effective by many individuals who tried using it to treat illnesses, it is not intended to replace any medications prescribed by doctors. It’s “miracles of healing” is actually brought about by its capability to strengthen our body’s “Immune System” (a system of many biological structures and processes within our body) which protects us against diseases and helps our body heal itself.

The best way to prevent illness is to practice a healthy lifestyle and Buah Merah Mix helps you achieve it.

How to order buah merah mix juice


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  1. My fiancé in the Philippines just finished with surgery and 6 rounds of chemo for stage 3 Breast cancer in July she refused radiation treatment and started taking Buah Merah every day she feels great and she started her period again thanx to Jesus . She will continue to take the Miracle Fruit and eat fresh fruits veggies and fish with tumeric Garlic and ginger.

  2. Marua victoria sunga

    how to be a member of buah merah mux miracle juice thank you

    1. Please contact us at 09062079445; 09994458399 or send us PM https://www.facebook.com/messages/uchi.ramil

      1. Meron na ba kayo outlet sa U.S.A?

      2. Hi Rommel,

        Wala po kaming outlet sa USA but you can order to our online store. We do shipping via Philpost. For more info, please send us message here: http://www.buahmerahmix.ph/contact-us.html


      3. i ordered 20 bottles and the shipping cost from philippines to Californiawas P2740

      4. to hongkong pwede

      5. I would like to be a member please

      6. Sir meron ba ma contact dito sa rome italy?

      7. May mga dealers na po kami dyan pero personal use lang nila. Pwede po kayo omorder samin. Please add me on FB for mor inquiries: https://www.facebook.com/uchi.ramil

      8. Good evening, from Surigao City, Philippines, pwede po ba akong maging dealer kasi sinubokan po namin ang produkto na ito, Praise God, yong husband ko may diabetic palaging masakit yong buto-katawan niya sabi niya may kumikirot. sa pag inum niya ng BUAH MERAH may pagbabago sa feelings niya. so, gusto kong mag dealer kasi nasubukan nami ito. may maeka testimony kami diba? paano po maging isang dealer? Bebot Bangoy- surigao city

      9. Hi Romelyn, Please contact us for dealership at 09994458399; 09062079445

      10. Hello po nakabiki po ako ng 10 battles dito sa amin .kasu parang hindi po ako sigurado kung original po ang nabili ko. Yung cap po kasi ng battle ang Dali ko pong nabuksan wala pong sealed ang cap.tiningnan ko po sa google ang buah merah magka iba po ang battle na nabili sa battle na nakita ko sa google,
        Kung sakali po na fake po nabili saan po makabili ng original

      11. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  3. I heard this buah merah from a friend and I search this online. I just want more information about this mix juice because I have Lupus, and I’ve been taking steriod since 2004. I want to know how much per bottle and where can I get this.

    1. Hi Aida,


      Please contact us for more info: http://www.buahmerahmix.ph/contact-us.html


      2. True, marami na po ang gumaling sa cancer stage 4. Yong isang customer po namin na ovarian cancer 45 days lang, pagbalik sa doctor cancer free na dya. Isa rin po sa customer namin sa dubai prostate cancer. After 3 months of taking buah merah mix, cancer free na nong magpacheck sa doctor.

      3. member na po ako ng essensa naturale ang upline ko po ay si Sir Ferdinand Berasi na taga quezon ave. Kaya lang hindi ako makapa log on para ibahin ang password ko sa acct ko. Si Sir Ferdie ang gumawa ng username acct ko.
        Bakit ang hirap mag log on sa system nyo po

      4. Paki kontak na lang po ang upline nyo, sya lang ang pwede mag explain sa inyo at sya ang nakaka alam kung ano ang status ng account nyo.

    2. hi ms. Aida! did u already tried buah merah??just wanted to know if what happened to your Lupus after taking this..i need some medication or miracle juice like this to fight Lupus…many thanks and God bless!

    3. Tanong ko lang bago ako mag order. Aprobado po ba ito ng FDA?

      1. Hindi lang po aprobado, ang chemist mo na gumawa ng product na sya rin ang president ng company at 10 years na nag trabaho sa BFAD kaya nakakasiguro po tayo na safe at effective ang product.

      2. Sir kindly enligthen me regarding the registration of the product. Because upon checking in FDA website Essensa Naturale is registered as Cosmetic Distributor not Food Distributor. Supposed to be po dapat may license po kayo as Food Distributor kasi po Food supplement and Buah Merah. Also, the brand name Buah Merah is not registered in FDA. Thanks

  4. Meron na ba kayo outlet sa U.S.A?

    1. Hi Sir .madam.my Dad sufferring Now Stage 3 lung cancer..lagi napo Siyang Inuubo At Di Makakain..saan Po Ako Pwede Makabili nito Sa Pilipinas At Gusto Kopong Painomin Ang Daddy Ko Ng BUAH merah.thanks

      1. Please contact us for more info: We have special instructions regarding the case of your father, Pwede kayo bumili sa amin. Please visit this link for more inquiries >>> http://buahmerahmix.ph/contact-us.html

      2. Nkkatangal din po b ng lung scar

  5. for my first purchase where can i buy here in general santos city

    1. Wala pa po kaming outlet sa Gensan, you can order to us online.

  6. Hi!

    Magkano po per bottle?


    1. 350 po per bottle

      1. Pwede po sa bata age 9 ang buah merah..?

      2. Pwede po kahit sa sanggol o buntis. Pure organic and all natural po ang buah merah mix. Extracted from fruits and plants kaya safe kahit anong edad.


      4. Pwede po, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  7. Hello po may outlet po ba kayo sa la union?ung sister ko po kc is sufferring ovarian cancer po stage 3 na po..ang problema po is ayaw po niyang magpachemo therapy..ano po dapat gawin?thanks

    1. Please contact us at 09062079445; 09994458399

  8. josefina yu ballesteros

    my son has multicystic dysplastic kidneys bilateral. katatapos magpactscan pero wala pang result. may dugo ang ihi niya. pwede ba sa kanya ang buah merah? thanks.

    1. Pwede po at very effective sya sa mga kidney problems.

  9. Mayron ba sa pampanga?

  10. Elizabeth T. Alpajora


    Meron na ba kayong outlet sa mga malls like SM and Robinsons?

    1. Wala pong outlet sa mall, exclusive lang po sa mga dealers.

      1. Saan po pwd mag buy na dealer dito sa general santos city

      2. Hi,

        How to be a member?

      3. please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  11. Mary joy Delos Reyes

    San po ba ko pwede mkabili ng Product Ninyo ?

    1. Please contact 09062079445; 09994458399

      1. Hi Sir, nagtake po ako ng buah merah kasi may ovarian cyst po ako. Sana makatulong ito sa akin kasi nagwoworry talaga ako nito. Nagtake po ako ng 2 bottle cup per meal..Okay lang po ba ito?Gusto ko sana na mawala na itong cyst ko.

      2. Ok lang po yan pero kung kaya ng budget nyo, taasan nyo ang dosage.

  12. Wanted to try and buy direct here in general santos please give address then after i will be in your team

    1. Please contact 09062079445; 09994458399

      1. Paano maging distributor or dealer?

      2. For more info about dealership please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  13. Good day po, nabasa ko po yung mga testimonies regarding Buah Merah at gusto ko po itanong kung pwede po ba ito sa bata na 4 years old at under chemotherapy for leukemia? Anu po ang pagpapainum kung sakali. Ilang mL po ba isang bottle?

    1. Pwede po ang buah merah mix kahit sa sanggol o buntis. Pure organic po sya and all natural juice. Please contact us at 09994458499; 09062079445

      1. talaga po pwde pala sa sanggol o buntis? pero bakit may nakasulat sa bottle ng nabili kong buah merah not suitable for children,pregnant and lactating mothers.ano po ibig sabihin nun.

  14. Sana may outlet kayo sa mall o kaya drugstore para mas madali kami makakabili sa product nyo.

    1. Hindi po ito nabibili sa drugstore. Exclusive lang po sa authorized dealers and distributors. Please contact us to order at 09062079445; 09994458399

      1. Hey…pwede po ba uminom ng buah merah kahit ngpapainjection ako ng methotrexate 50mg vial ..?

      2. Ang Buah Merah Mix po ay hindi gamot, Ito ay pure organic and natural juice pero marami ang gumagaling sa pag inom nito dahil sa synergy ng 6 antioxidants na galing sa halaman at prutas. Wala po itong contraindication sa mga gamot dahil prutas at halaman at gulay lang ang sangkap nya. No chemicals, no additives and no preservatives.

      3. may bilihihan po ng mga herbal sa robinson dto samin may tinda silang buah Merah dun ako nakabili..350 yung 1 bottle.
        orig ba yun..powder sya lalagyan ng water

      4. Wag po basta magtitiwala sa mga nagtitinda sa mall, bumili kayo sa mga registered dealers. Please contact us to order at 09062079445; 09994458399.

      5. Pwede ba uminom ng buah merah kahor ngpapa injection ako ng methotrexate…ndi ba mawawalan ng bisa ung gamot or juice?

      6. Pwede po, pure organic and natural po ang buah merah mix kaya wala syang contraindication.

  15. Bakit wala kayo outlet sa mall para naman mas madali kami makakabili.

  16. Sa may gallstone at ulcer pwede ba to ? Thanks .

    1. Pwede po, please contact us to order. Globe: 09062079445 Smart: 09994458399

      1. operated na tatay ko ng brain tumor. but, acrdg to the doctors possible balik. effective po kaya ang buah pa sa knya? tnx

      2. yes, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  17. pwede ba ito sa my polmunya mam

    1. Pwede po, pampalakas sya ng immune system.

  18. My malaking bukol po any nanay ko tingin no goiter yun. pero ayaw nya po mag pa doktor pwede po ba painom s knya Yang buah merah?

    1. Pwede po, please contact us to order at 09062079445; 09994458399

  19. Dear Sir/Madam
    I would like to try your product for my husband, also a doctor who recently had a stroke two weeks ago.

    1. You can try our buah merah mix + redmint liniment which is very good and effective for stroke patient. Please contact us to order at 09062079445; 09994458399

      1. michelle san jose

        Pano po nmin malalaman kng orig o fake ang buah merah meron po kc d2,sa nueva ecija

  20. Paano po maging dealer/distributor.thanks

    1. Purchase lang po kayo ng dealer package of 8,480.
      Package includes:
      25 Buah Merah Mix
      +5 Free Bottles
      +5 Free Redmint
      Next order 190/bottle as dealers price.
      For more info please add me on FB https://www.facebook.com/uchi.ramil

      1. Will you be able to send here to the USA the entire package including the REDMINT if I order the dealer package. A friend of mine is introducing me this product and tried to inclue 1 redmint in the package of 3 Merah mix, but the Post office in the Philippines said it cannot be included in the package.

      2. Yes, please send us message on FB https://www.facebook.com/shinebeth

  21. Tanong ko lang po kung pwede painom sa friend ko to binabantayan ko kasi sya ngayon dito sa hospital mababa palelet count nya. Pero d po malala ksi naagapan namin

    1. Very effective po sa mababa ang platelet count, 1 bottle lang po for sure malaki na ang improvement. Proven ko na po ito sa chemo patient and kids with dengue fever. Please contact us to order.

      1. Luzelyn D. Maquiling

        Hello po may marami bukol sa breast ko malaki ta maliit bilateralm katatapos ko lang mgpa biopsy, mammogram at ultrasound.may chance ba na matunaw mga bukol ko pag uminom ako ng buah merah? Benign ang findings ko pero gusto ko mawala ang mga bukol tnx po sa sagot..

      2. Yes mam, marami na po ang natunaw ang ibat ibang bukol sa pag inom ng buah merah mix. Please contact us to order at 09062079445; 09994458399

      3. Roberto Luis H Ignacio

        How much kung dealears price n,?

      4. Dealers price is 190/bottle. Please contact us if you want to order dealers package at 09994458399; 09062079445

      5. We have the same case. I’m drinking buah merah now. Hopefully, with God’s mercy matunaw sila.

  22. How many grams of iron is absorbed with buah merah mix drink?

  23. matanggal kaya ang multiple small gallstones?

    1. Yes ms. lorna, marami na po ang gumaling sa pag inom ng buha merah mix

      1. Sir, magkano isa bote? magkano ang shipping ng 30 bots BUAH MERAH MIX from Phils to California, ilang days dumating?.

      2. 1 week po ang delivery sa california. Kung 30 bottles po kukunin nyo, dealer package na lang worth 8,480 with 25 bottles buah merah +5 free buah merah +5 free redmint liniment.

  24. Ok lang ba uminom nito while on ganotherapy?

  25. How safe is it to drink buah merah mix when a person is also taking prescribed meds

    1. Ang buah merah po ay safe, walang contraindication kahit isabay sa pag inom ng ibang gamot. Ang buah merah mix po ay hindi gamot. Pure and organic natural antioxidant. Isa po itong food supplement.

  26. networking po ba ito?

    1. Networking po ang marketing plan.

  27. Hi ,
    kung mag order po ako ng 3 bottles ng Buah Meraj Mix
    how much po lahat pati na shipping fee , Dito po ako OKLAHOMA US

    1. 3 bottles po for 1,050 + P 1,200 shipping fee.

  28. 5 years ng nagdadialysis dahil sa kidney failure(stage 5),may epekto ba yong product niyo?.

    1. Yes, pwede po sa dialysis patient. Please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. May mga dialysis patient na ba kayo na gumaling gamit ang inyong produkto,wala kasi akong nabasa sa mga testimony?marami na kasi akong nasubukang mga herbal at supplement pero walang nangyari.

  29. I am taking the medicines prescribed by Dr. Tan. Can I take these buah merah.

    1. Yes mam, buah merah mix is a pure and organic natural juice. This is not a medicine but a food supplement.

      1. Mam pde po b cia s my Irritable bowel syndrome?? O kya po s acidic or ulcer? Makakapagpagaling po kaya cia s sakit s digestive system o sikmura??

      2. Pwede po mam, pag acidic inumin nyo 1 hour after meals. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  30. pano po ang paginum ? may takal po ba? para sa 1year old at 3years old na bata

    1. Depende po kung ano ang nararamdaman, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  31. good pm po,,meron po ba dito sa hongkong?

    1. Wala pa po kaming outlet dyan, pwede kami magpa shipping via phlpost.

      1. Hii po Pde po ba ang bua mirah sa synositis, TB,arthritis, at astigmatism?

        Maari po bang mkbili ng isang battle lng?

        Hanggang kailan ang pag inum ng bua mirah?

      2. Pwede po, please contact 09062079445; 09994458399

      3. If mag dealer po ako then Leyte po ang province ko…san po ako bibili ng products if kukuha/bibili ulit ako.magkano shipping to Leyte?

      4. Please contact us for more info at 09994458399; 09062079445

      5. gud pm po… paano po mgorder, at paano po maging dealer…? jeff flores po ng nueva ecija…?

      6. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  32. Mary Ann P. Tianchon

    Paano po maka order ng product nyo?

    1. Please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

  33. hi,
    papaano ako sumali/dealer pero andito ako sa hong kong


  35. Gud day po may stage 4 breast cancer po ako..tapos ayae ko po mgpachemo…pede bako sa buera merah at gagaling pa po ba ko sa pag inum nito? Thanks

    1. Yes mam, May customer po kami sa Tagaytay stage 4 ovarian cancer. Di na po sila nagpachemo, nag buah merah mix na lang. After 45 days na pag inom ng buah merah, pagbalik nila sa doctor negative na sa cancer. Marami na po ang natulungan at napagaling ng buah merah mix. Effective sya lalo na sa may mga cancer. To order please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  36. Good day po, paano po maging Dealer dito at ano po mga requirements ? thanks

    1. For more info, please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. hello po, ilang ML po ang 350 php

      2. 300 ml po sa bottle pag hinaluan na ng tubig

  37. Pwede po na eto sa polycystic ovary?at Merton po sa Baguio

    1. Pwede po, pwede kayo omorder samin. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  38. rose pangan legaspi

    ask ko lang po…. my husband has psoriasis…. makakatulong po kaya ang pag inom ng Buah Merah para macontrol ang pagdami ng flakes nia…. naaawa na ako sa kanya

    1. Nakakatulong po ang buah merah mix, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. How about nodule po s left side of the neck? Kaya po kayang malusaw ung bukol ng buah merah? May hypothyroid din po ako

      2. Yes po, marami ba po ang gumaling sa pag inom ng buah merah mix.

  39. can this be taken by children 3 years old and above? i have a daughter who has asthma and she was diagnosed with primary koch

    1. Yes, also for newborn or pregnant. Buah Merah Mix is safe, pure organic and all natural juice.

  40. mam san po sa batangas city may buah merah..

    1. May dealer po kami sa Tanauan at Lipa

  41. Good day! May consumer na po ba kayo may hepa? Nakakagaling po ba?

    1. Nag depot po ang isa sa mga customer namin na ma heap ang anak nya. Noong una ay retail lang sya kung kumuha pero marami po ang napagaling na ng buah merah at isa na ang anak nyang may hepa. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062069445

      1. Sir bakit yong ibang bottle na nabili ko wala ata yong parang mi cut na d direct yong parang may i tear ka pa yung nabili ko easy mag open tho nka covered naman sa platic ang buong bottle.may pagkakaiba ba ang mga packing?o bottling style?salamat

  42. Pwede po ba sa may ulcer at ilan po ang dosage?

    1. Pwede po, please contact us to order and for recommended dosage at 09994458399; 09062079445

  43. hi pwede po ba yang buah merah mix sa kapatid kong may catheter n sa tyan natigil po kasi sya sa pagdadayalisis may sakit po sya sa kydney ilang bote po dapat ipainom sa kapatid ko po!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Pwede po, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. Renadith A. Globo

        maari po bang maging normal ang menstration ko? at mag ka roon ng chance na mabuntis ako

      2. Yes, for orders and inquiries please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  44. Is children can use this product? If yes how old should it be?

    1. Buah merah mix is safe for all aged, even for new born or pregnant.

  45. If dealer na po ako, pwede bang omorder sa inyo? How nmuch ang charge? Im in Pampanga.

    1. Pwede po, for computation please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  46. Hello how can avail this product tnx

    1. Yes, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  47. Hello po pano po ang pag inom ng buah merah? Ilang beses sa isang araw?. At ilang bottle po ang mauubos para gumaling? Mother ko po kaxe stage 2a cancer tinanggalan n po sya ng matres at na radiation n rin po. Need na lang po nya is bracking, kaso lang po hindi po sya maka pag bracking dahil sa UTI. Gusto ko na pong gumaling ang nanay ko. Sana makatulong sa amin itong buahmerah… godbless

    1. Tawag po kayo for more info, 09994458399; 09062079445

  48. hi good noon,, puede ba to sa may kidney failure stage 4…??

    1. Pwede po, need to take 1 bottle a day divided into 2 dosage. Kalahati lang po ng bote ang tubig na ilalagay dahil limited po ang water intake nya. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. pwede po ba s lymphnodes nsa leeg po…mkatanggal poba s lymphnodes

      2. Pwede po

  49. Ask qhOe LNG pOh…
    HOw much pOh ang isang bottle????

    1. For more info about buah merah, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  50. Where is the closest distributor I could this juice? I am from La Union.

    Thank you.

  51. Good Morning ask ko po kung pwede o kaya nya malunsan ang nasal polyp ko.?

    1. Yes, pwede po. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  52. Good day! My brother has colon ca stage iii b and now he is advised to undergo dialysis. The doctors told us not to give any herbal medications. In your experience with your buyers is it ok to take even patients undergoing dialysis. Thanks a lot! God bless po!

    1. For colon problems, kelangan po mag fasting and take 1 bottle 3x a day para mas mabilis ang pag galing. May customer po kami stage po, hindi na sila nag dialysis, nag buah merah na lang for 45 days pagbalik sa doctor cancer free na ang patient.

      1. kuya san po ba location nyo pra makabili po ako

      2. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  53. Charmaine Q. Tolentino

    pwede po ba sa may hypoglycemia ang buah merah mix…

  54. Hello po,ask k lng po kng meron n po ba kayo ng outlet s Isabela?
    Ung sister k po may problema s puso,lagi p sumisikip dibdib nia,hiràp s pahinga.pwede b b siya inun ng BMM,nakakatulong po b s kanya ung product?

    1. Pwede po makatulong sa kanya ang buah merah mix, please contact 09062079445; 09994458399

  55. sir, pwede ba makatulong ang BUAH MERAH MIX sa my sakit sa apdo, paano po ang proseso, salamat po,,

    1. Pwede nyo po subukan ang buah merah mix, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  56. puwede po ba ito inumin ko muna kahit mga 2 months lang bago ako mag chemo ,may lung cancer po ako 2nd hand smoke,di namin aalm kung saan ko nakuha ,pero instead na chemo at radiation agad puwede ito muna try ko.

    1. Pwede po, try 1 bottle a day. Baka after 2 months di mo na kelangan magpachemo at cancer free ka na.

  57. mary grace torremucha

    hi po
    nakakapayat po ba sya?

    1. Yes, nakakatulong po para mabawasan o matunaw ang cholesterol sa inyong katawan.

  58. Hi sir, paanong mag dealer at paano ang complan? thanks

    1. Taga saan po kayo? Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  59. gud eve po, ask ko lng po kung mayron kayong outlet dito sa isabela? thanks..

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  60. Good Morning po! Ask ko lang po kung sino ang manufacturer ng Buah Merah products?

    1. Pakibasa po ang link for more info about the company http://buahmerahmix.ph/about-the-company.html

  61. good day! ubusin po ba ang 1bottle a day? o two bottle caps sa bawat meal? thanks!

    1. Depende po sa karamdaman, kung malalang sakit kagaya ng cancer at least 1 bottle a day para mabilis ang pag galing.

  62. Yenzz_0586@yahoo.com

    Hello po… how about po ung may ovarian cysts. Pano po ang dosage sa pag take ng buah juice?
    Kc ng take na po sabi sa knya 3×aday. Pwedi po ba 1 bottle a day. Almost 8yrs na po ung cyst nea… thanks po.

    1. Wala pong overdose ang buah merah mix, kahit 3 bottles a day kung kaya ng budget nyo.

  63. Hello po! Bakit po noong nagtake ng Buah Merah ang mother ko bigla syang nagkasakit?

  64. Ask ko din po, kapag nagpa dealer po ba pwede ng bumili ng products sa any outlet? or kailangan kung saan ka mismo nag pa member?

  65. Catherine Decrepito

    Ask ko lang po, my mom has a cyst in her breast kaka take nya lang po ng biopsy sa tuesday pa makukuha result, nagtetake napo sya ng herbal medicine from a certain doctor para tunawin po yung cyst, ok lang po ba uminom sya ng buah merah kasabay ng herbal medicine? wala po ba magiging side effect? at ano po ang dosage?

  66. good day.
    okay po ito sa may diabetes? hindi po ba nito lalong patataasing ang blood sugar since puro prutas (gulay) po ang sangkap? meron po kasing mga prutas na bawal po sa may diabetes.

    thank you

    1. Safe po ito sa diabetic at nakakatulong para bumaba ang blood sugar.

  67. Good day po.

    Pwde po ba gamitin ang Buah Merah Mix sa merong problema sa nerves a bones? nakakadagdag po ba ito ng gana sa pagkain?

    Salamat po and God bless..

    1. Yes, pampagana po sa pagkain at nakakatulong sya para linisin ang toxins sa katawan.

  68. Good Afternoon po! Ask ko lang po kung ano ang rules and regulation nyo sa mga dealer? Dealer na din po kase ako ng Buah Merah products pero hindi pa ako nakaka-attend ng seminar kaya limited lang yung knowledge ko regarding sa rules ang regulation nyo. Meron po kaseng nagbebenta na mas mababa sa 350 per bottle, okey lang po ba yun?

      1. Hindi po, sa outlet din kase sya kumukuha kaya lang dahil marami ang bumubili at may iba ding nagbebenta ang ginawa nya binabaan nya yung sa kanya para sa kanya bumili.

  69. Good eve po..we’re here po from bataan meron na po ba kayu distributor dito na malapit?

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  70. Ung anak ko my hemofilia safe ba na umino. Ng buah merah…maka2log kaya un par maampat ang dugo ya kpag nasusugatan….

  71. Hi good day po! nakakatulong po ba eto pra mawala ung scar Sa lungs? Lagi kse ako nag unfit to work Sa mga medical ko …kumukuha nlng po ako ng certificate Sa Doctor na old scar lang po..gusto ko po kse mawala ung old lung scar ko eh..Salamat po

    1. Pwede nyo po subukan, tintawag po sya na mircle cure dahil halos lahat ng klase ng sakit ay natutulungan ng buah merah para gumaling.

  72. Maria sheirine s. Ordiales


    Do you have a contact # here in dubai area? Pls send it to me .. thank you

    How much it will cost in dhms per bottle? Thank you

    1. May dealer po kami dyan pero personal use lang nila ang buah merah. Pwede naman kayo omorder samin. Pwede kami magpa shipping worldwide.

  73. Can it help lowering uric acid and how many cap to be taken

  74. Do you have an outlet here in the US where we could purchase the product?

    1. We don’t have outlet in US but we do shipping worldwide.

  75. Mayroon po ba kaung outlet dito s Riyadh, USE?

    1. Meron po pero pero sa for reservation ang orders dahil sa Pinas pa kukunin ang stocks.

  76. Goodeve po meron po ba dito sa baguio magkano po ovarian cyst po bilateral ..

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. Ung nanay ko half body nya stroke 6 yrs na 85 yrs old n sya,,may pag asa pa ba n mag normal uli sa dti ang ktwan nya?

      2. Yes, sabayan po sa pag massage ng redmint liniment cream.

  77. good day
    may i ask if buah merah is good for treatment of ovarian cyst like endometriosis and it is also for fertility?

    1. Yes, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  78. Sir ndi po ba ito masama kung meron kang iniinom na maintenance na gamot…
    salamat po!!

    1. Pwede po isabay sa kahit anong gamot dahil ang buah merah mix po ay pure organic food supplement from fruits and vegetables. Parang uminom ka lang ng fruit juice na galing sa blender. Walang additives, walang preservatives at walang chemicals.

  79. Good day!
    nakakapagpagaling ba to sa may chronic kidney desease at nag dialysis ngayon?

    1. Yes, pero kung talaga sira na ang kidney mahirap na gamutin yan pero malaki ang maitutulong ng buah merha mix para lumakas ang immune system.

  80. nakakatunaw ba siya ng ovoid o tumor?

    1. Yes, halos lahat po ng mga bukol bukol ay natutunal ng buah merah mix.

  81. Paano po magpamember as dealer ng buah merah??

    1. Please contact buah merah mix service center at 09994458399; 09062079445

  82. Hello po. May chance po bang maging regular na period ko, irregular po kasi ako before every 5months bago magkaroon, ngayon po 1yr nang wala.. D pa po ako ngpa check up kasi I’m afraid dn po n bka anong sakit n meron ako, so nagtry po ako buah merah mauubos ko na po isang bottle, ok na po ba ung dosage ko na 2cps every meal to get my period back? Pls reply po. Thanks.

    1. Please try 1 bottle a day, 3 days lang po magiging nornal na ang period mo.

  83. hello po,. pede po ba sa bata na edad 8 at 10 e2..payat po kc cla gusto ko sana tumaba, makakatulong po ba ang buah merah.. paano po ang pag inom at hanggang kelan po pede.. pede po ba substitute sa vitamins e2..salamat po

    1. Yes, pampagana po sa pagkain ng mga bata. Kahit sa sanggol ay pwede painumin ng buah merah mix.

      1. panu pagpapa inom sa bata 4yrs old at 1 yr old..pwede ba ihalo sa milk nla pra tumaba?ilang beses sa isang araw?

      2. Pwede po. pwede 2 or 3x a day

  84. Carmelita Espiritu

    Hello po, pwede po ba buah merah sa bata na may attention deficit hyper activity (ADHD) na hind maka focus said pagaaral?

    1. Yes, pwede po.

  85. How much?and if meron dn pampayat? Tnx

    1. 350/bottle, meron kami body contouring, pwede mo isabay sa pag inom ng buha merah mix.

  86. Mayron na bang napagaling nito na bain tumor cases kac wala pa ako nababasa testimonial dito

    1. Pwede nyo po subukan, baka kayo ang pwede maging testimonial. Bihira po kasi ang ganyang case kaya wala pang testimony, lahat naman po ng tumor natutulungan ng buah merah mix.

  87. Hi,

    Pwede ba siya sa patient with Liver Cirrhosis? Please advise.

    Tatay ko kasi na diagnose ng cirrhois at the same time may complication like nagmamanas na paa niya and may ascitis (enlargemnt of abdomen), yellowish na din kasi ang skin and eyes niya , plus may diabetes pa siya… I hope mag work out sa kanya ang Buah Merah.

    1. Pwede po, malaki po ang maitutulong ng buah merah mix sa kanya. To order please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. Ask ko lang po if makakatulong ang buah merah sa pagpapagaling ng scolliosis sa anak kong 14 yrs.old na nag-a undergo weekly therapy at nagsusuot na ng brace? Salamat po..God bless

  88. Good day. Gusto ko maging dealer, paano?

    1. For dealership, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  89. sir, mgkano poh buah mera bottle?uorder po sana ako para sa father ko.pa ubos na poh kasi buah mera nia?and mgkano po shipping dito sa leyte poh..Thanks!

    1. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  90. gudam po. yung mama ko po. may stage 4 cancer. nakanubos na po siya almost 30 botle
    . nag start sya uminom march 12.. 3 botle kasi pina inum ko sa kanya per day. para mas efctive ang buah merah.posible po bah na magiging cancer free po siya?kumalat kasi sa lungs niya ang cancer. from salaivary gland po ng galing ang cancer. na operahan na po. at tapos na siya naka pag radaition.pero kumalat sa liver at lungs niya. may posible po bah na magiging ok yung mama ko?

    1. Possible pa po magng cancer free basta hindi pa sira ang kanyang internal organs pero malaki po ang maitutulong para palakasin ang immune system.

  91. sir nakakagamot po ba yan sa tuhod na may bumubukol sa joint tnx

    1. Yes pwede po pero mas effective kung sasabayan mo ng redmint liniment. Mabisa po sya sa mga joints.

  92. good evening. ask lang po ako regarding sa pag inom ng buah merah, okay lang po ba inomin 3x a day at 3 caps? then sa gabi po okay lang po ba after dinner na sya inumin?

    1. Pwede po, wala pong overdose ang pag inom ng buah merah, kung may budget ka kahit uminom ka ng 3 bottles a day.

  93. Good day po. My daughter has cystic hygroma since birth, she is now 1yr & 6mos.old,safe po ba sya mapainom nito product nyo,? Gusto ko po sana subukan.


    1. Meron po pero out of stocks, pwede naman po kami magpa shipping sa inyo kung may order kayo.

  95. good afternoon po. gusto ko lang po itanong kung nakakagamot or is this buah merah can help my mother in curing her goiter? since 2001 pa po kasi yun then sabi ng doctor eh sa labas lang naman daw po yung goiter niya kaya hindi naman daw po cancerous but as a daughter, gusto ko naman po na masure yung health ng mother ko. may nagging customer na po ba kayo na nawala yung goiter because of drinking buah merah?

    1. Tuloy tuloy lang po ang pag inom, medyo matagal po ang gamutan sa goiter. Kahit konti lang ang dosage basta continuous hanggang sa matunaw ang goiter.

  96. gagaling po ba ang goiter ko sa buah merah?

    1. Yes, tuloy tuloy lang po ang pag inom.

  97. hi. do you have an outlet here in Iloilo City?

    1. Yes, Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  98. Mkaalis po ba ng kidney stone? ,fatty liver at sa mababa ang platelates possible po tumaas

    1. Yes, lahat po ng sanabi nyong karamdaman marami na ang napagaling sa pag inom ng buah merah mix.

  99. If hepatitis B po ang case anong dosage po nang pag inum nang buah merah ang ma.advise nyo? Pls reply po

  100. nkakatulong po ba sa abnormnal endometrial bleeding? nagkaroon po kasi ako ng endometrial polyp two years ago and i’m experiencing the same symptoms right now.

    1. Yes, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. saan mkabili dito dagupan city ?

      2. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  101. Good day! How can i avail your product? How much is the cost per bottle? Thanks

    1. Please contact us for more info at 09994458399; 09062079445

  102. Nakakatulong po ba to sa gastritis? And any gastrointestinal disorder? Ako po ay kasalukuyang nagtatake nito.

    1. Inumin nyo po ang buah merah mix 1 hour after meals.

  103. How can i purchase it online , i live in canada and i have a recurring urinary tract infection. Please kindly send me an email thanks

    1. Please send us message on https://www.facebook.com/shinebeth

  104. How much to ship to California?

    1. Shipping fee depends on weight of your order.

  105. ask q lng kung nkakagamot din b sya ng may mga hepa?

    1. Yes, ang isa sa mga dealers ko ay nag depot na ngayon dahil sa ang anak nya ay dati rin my hepa.

  106. Good day! Ask k lng po kung nakakagamot din ba ang product nyo sa may multiple myoma, my ob suggested for a hysterectomy, but its not emergent naman. Para lng d na ako mag suffer ng heavy bleeding during my monthly period, but its not cancerous naman. Is your product can help with my condition? Thanks and Godbless.

    1. Yes mam, very effective po ito sa inyong condition.

  107. Gud mornin, effective po b yan s liver cancer, magkano isa buti and Shipping to uae,

    1. Ang SRP po ay 350/bottle. Please send us message for mor info: https://www.facebook.com/shinebeth

  108. Hi pwede po any buah merah SA thrombus?

    1. Pwede po dahil nag rerepair ng damage cells ang buah merah mix

  109. Hi may direct selling po ba ito? How much if yes? Thanks

    1. Yes, dealers package po ay 8,480 with 25 bottles of buah merah mix +5 free redmint liniment + 7 free assorted beauty soap at ang next order nyo ay 190/bottle na lang as dealers price. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  110. Antonius Joko Utomo

    Dear Essansa Naturale,

    Im Antonius from Indonesia, as a social workers working with local people in Boven Digoel, Papua Province, Indonesia.

    I interested in your mission in promoting buah merah in modern world and would like to have cooperation with you in supply buah merah fruit directly from our villages in Papua.

    Thank You Essensa, Jesus bless you +

  111. hello,
    i read the instruction requiring buah merah to be refrigerated after opening. is it possible not to refrigerate it after opening? is it safe to drink it unrefrigerated days after opening? or it will spoil?
    i am working on the field and stayed weeks on areas with no electricity most of the time.

    i would appreciate your response.

    1. Hindi naman po nasisira ang buah merah mix kahit hindi naka ref, nagkakaroon lang sya ng fermentation kaya magiging maasim ang lasa pero ganon pa rin naman ang effect nya. Kung baga sa suka, habang tumatagal lalong tumatapang at umaasim.

  112. I have been diagnosed with hepa b, pwede po ba ito? Salamat po ng marami sa mag rereply. Thank you

  113. ask ko lang po pd po ba yan sa may hypertyroidism?

    1. Pwede po

  114. Hi. Is it OK to use Alkaline water to mix the buah merah powder? Thanks.

    1. Pwede po wag lang mainit

  115. sir pwede po xa s may migraine?

    1. Nakakatulong po sa my migraine, Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  116. hi! naka tulong po ba ang buah merah sa hindi pa nagka anak? thank you.

    1. Yes, Nakakatulong po sya para malinis ang inyong ovary lalo na pag may mayoma. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  117. Pano maging member or magregister. ok ba ito sa may myoma.

    1. Yes, tinutunaw nya po ang myoma. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  118. Teresita G Deveyra

    I would like to place an order for 3 bottles
    Please advise the total cost inc shipping
    Please reply using my email..

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  119. pwede po ba ito sa nagda- dialysis?

    1. Pwede po

  120. nakakagaling rin po ba yan sa lung cancer??

    1. Lahat po ng klase ng cancer ay pwede matulungan sa pag inom ng buha merah mix

      1. Melody tabios Camangian

        hello po good afternoon po…Nabasa ko po ung buah merah mix…Ako po ay may tonsil…Ung sa parihas na side ay malalaki na ung bukol.Ut sa ngala ngala
        Maraming bukol at nangangati sya.Ask klang po kong magtake ako ng buah merah mix may posebilidad kyang matunaw ung bkol.Dto pa ako sa pangasinan.May mabibilhan po ba ng produck nyo!!!thnx po

      2. Makakatulong po sa inyo ang buah merah mix. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  121. may branch po ba kayo dito sa cubao?dito lang po ofc ko sa may Araneta Cubao Center malapit gusto ko po sanang mag dealer and ask ko lang meron din ba kayo sa Taiwan?

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Yes, Please contac 09994458399; 09062079445

  122. Sir ask ko lang po ung pamangkin ko po na diagnosed na may fibrosarcoma…hirap po kami sa financial ngaun…naghahanap po ako ng pwede po muna painom kanya na herbal or natural na makakatulong po sana..8years old pa lang. Makakatulong po kaya ang buahmerah…thanks po.

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Malaki po maitutulong ng buah merah mix sa pamangkin nyo, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  123. safe pa rin po ba sa mga nag didialysis ? CKD end stage. merun din po ba kaung distributor sa cebu?

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Yes, may distributor po kami sa cebu, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  124. Pwde po ba sa 7 months old baby

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Pwede po, pure organic and natural juice ang buah merah mix kaya pwede kahit sa bata.

  125. hello po. makano po shipping 84 bottles sa thailand? thanks po

    1. Please contact our hotline number at 09994458399; 09062079445

  126. Hello po, does this work for cyst sa may gall bladder? Ano po ang chances that it will work? I am advised to have surgery po and I am not comfortable with the idea. Thank you po for your prompt response.

    1. Try to drink buah merah mix for at least 3 to 6 months

  127. Hi Po,

    Yung papa ko may benign prostatic hyperplasia(prostate) lumalaki yung prostate nya sabi ng doctor kelangan operahan.pero baka kaya pa gumaling sa herbal.ayaw ko po sana na magpa opera sya baka madaan pa sa pag inum ng herbal.

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Pwede nyo po subukan ang buah merah mix. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  128. pwede po bang pampataba ito sa 13 years old???

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Tinutunaw po ng buah merah mix ang cholesterol pero pwede sya pampagana sa pagkain.

  129. sa bacolod negros occidental po meron kayo dito?

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  130. sir how much po ang isang bottle?

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Ang SRP ay P350/bottle. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  131. Is it safe for the newborn? If so, what will be the dosage?

    1. Yes, Buah Merah Mix is just like an ordinary Juice and it can also correct DNA problems for babies. 1 or 2 bottle caps will be fine.

  132. Natry ko po siya and naging maganda po yung result sakin..Nagamot po yung constipation ko n plagi ko n lng pinoproblema.
    Can i ask po for help?..meron po kc akong gallstones,ano po kaya yung recommended dosage?
    Thanks po

  133. ok lng ba magtake ng buah merah kahit buntis??

    1. Yes, safe sya sa buntis at makakatulong pa sa baby para mas maging malusog ang nakakatulong ang buah merah mix para mag repair kung may dna problems ang baby.

  134. May I ask where I can buy this in Manila? Thank you

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Please contact buah merah mix depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  135. Matkrk Anthony Batenga

    like ko po sana bumili ng capsule ma’am na vitamins,

    1. Essensa Naturale

      please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  136. Pwede po bang pampapayat? thanks po

  137. pwede ba to sa lalakeng may GYNECOMASTIA or hormonal imbalance? I hope masagot natin ng tama to at hindi lang makabenta. Thank you

    1. Pwede po, ang buah merah mix may nakakatulong sa may dna problems.

  138. is there any place where i can go to buy authentic buah merah mix?manila area?

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Please contact buah merah mix depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  139. John Ray Tahamen

    Tanong ko ang po kung makakatulong bato siya sa chronic insomia ko po?at kung ok lang ba siya na hindi ilalagay sa fridge gaya kasi ng case ko na nasa dormitory na aalang fridge po at last ay may malaking bottle sizes ba po kayo?

    1. Pwede po, medyo maasim lang pag tumagal dahil may fermentation pero ganon pa rin ang bisa nya.

  140. pwede po kaya ito sa father in law ko na may lung cancer kasi naka confine na sya at hirap huminga?

    1. Pwede po, marami na ang gumaling na cancer patients

  141. Pwede po ba ‘to for someone with staghorn calculi sa kidney? Thanks!

    1. Pwede po

  142. saan po ba office address nyo sa cagayan de oro?

    1. Please contact buah merah mix depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  143. Hello po, ask ko lang po Pano Gamitin and Buah Merah mix pag ang gagamit Ay may mayoma and kaya ba Nyang matangal ang mayoma? Ilang bwan bago mawala ang myoma? Thanks!

    1. Ang buah merah mix po ay nakagagaling ng mayamo at depende rin sa katawan natin kung kelan gagaling basta tuloy tuloy lang ang pag inom. For more info please contact buah merah mix depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  144. Anabelle Montemor

    Tnong ko po San po mkabili ng BUAH MERAH MIX AT makono pro ito

    1. Please contact buah merah mix depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  145. Nakakapayat po ba ang buah merah?

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Pampababa ng cholesterol kaya kung mataba kayo ay pwede kayong pumayat

  146. My store po ba kayo dito sa canada at magkano po per bottle,thanks

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Wala po kaming store dyan pero pwede kayo omorder samin

  147. is it safe for pregnant women?

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Yes, safe sa buntis ang buah merah mix at makakatulong pa parang maging malusog ang baby.

  148. hi interesado aq.. sa buah merah .. kc 2 times na aq naoperahan sa breast cyst .. pls help me kc ayw ko n maulit eh

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Please po kayo uminom ng buah merah mix as food supplement. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  149. Ask ko lng po ung mother ko kasi nagtry siya ng buah mrah pero pinaSTOP namin ung maintenance niya n gamot sa highblood pero tumaas po BP niya 2caps po iniinom niya every meal 2days p lng po siya umiinom ng buah merah. S ginwa po nmin pinabalik ulet nmin ung pagtake ng maintenance niya sa highblood and sasabayan niya ng pag inom ng buah merah. Ok po b yon? Pls reply po, salamat. GOD BLESS

    1. Ang buah merah po ay pure organic ang natural juice kaya safe sya inumin kahit sa anong edad, pwede rin isabay sa ibang gamot pero doctor lang po ang magsasabi kung kelangan dapat itigil ang gamot na galing sa doctor.

  150. Bernadette Abulencia

    Sir pede dn po b ito s my appendicitis? Actually umiinom n q nto.. mganda tlga xa… thanks god

  151. hi my brother is in coma.right now and we would like to give a try the buah merah for him.what will be the dosage that we can give to him?thank you.

    1. Kung kaya nya uminom, kahit 1 bottle ay ok lang po.

  152. Hello po, stage 3 colon cancer po anak ko nung naoperahan sya nung May, tapos this week lumabas s ct scan nya may nakitang panibagong bukol sa sigmoid. Makakatulong po b ang buah merah?

    1. Malaki po ang maitutulong ng buah merah mix, kahit stage 4 cancer ay marami na ang napagaling sa pag inom ng buah merah. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. Sobrang thank u po at kay God kc nagustuhan ng anak ko ung lasa at may naipopopoo po sya s pwet nya ngaun at since nung iminom sya nung sun po ata sya nagstart may naipopoo daw po sya s pwet. Kc s stoma n nya lumalabas ang popoo nya. Tapos kagabi may parang bilog n lumabas daw nung nagpopoo sya s pwet. Praying po ako n un n ung ibang part ng bukol…. Praying n may kakaibang findings pag nagcolonoscopy sya next week…. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
        As a mother praying ako na itongag inom buah merah ay isa s miracle n mangyari sa anak ko…

      2. God bless po at sana po ay tuloy tuloy na ang pag galing ng inyong anak dahil sa miracle na nagagawa ng buah merah mix.

  153. Hello po, pwede po ba sa may emphysema ang buah merah. Thank yo

  154. Question lang po, can I use this for my daughter with asthma? NAkakapagpataba din po ba yan, payat po kasi mga anak ko? When is the best time to drink para tumaba sila?

    1. Yes, pwede po sa asthma at pwede rin tumaba ang anak nyo sa pag inom ng buah merah mix. Best time is 30 minutes before meals morning ang evening.

  155. Is it okay to take this product for those who have problem in menstration.?

    1. Yes, very effective po sa may menstration problem

  156. Did you have any successful cases for blood cancer after drink the mix juice?

  157. saan po pwede bmili

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  158. pwede po magtake ang buntis ng buah merah? thanks po

    1. Pwede po sa buntis, pure organic and natural juice ang buah merah mix kaya safe kahit anong edad.

  159. kaka opera ko lng po ng gallstone pwede po b ako mg take ng buah merah juice

    1. Pwedeng pwede po, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  160. Good morning

    Gusto ko lang malaman kung saan pwede bumili ng buahmerah nandito ako sa malolos bulacan eron ba kayong distributor dito pwede bang malaman ang address. Paki sent nalang ang address dito sa aking email.


    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445


    1. Yes, effective po sa prostate problem. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  162. pano po mag order?

    1. please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  163. Hi. I have a myoma 4cm na i refused to get an operation and still looking for an alternative cure. My myoma caused me to have prolong menses for about 2-3weeks that leads to anemia. Will this help? How much is per bottle and how many bottles I have to consume? Thanks!

    1. Hi Joyce, for more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  164. Puede po ba ito sa may multi nodular goite,advise po kc ng dr na operahan po

    1. Yes, marami na po ang gumaling na may goiter sa pag inom ng buah merah mix

  165. nadiagnos poh akong may bp vertigo im 32 yrs.old… mdalas akong mahilo minsan nasakit ulo ko. ngpatingin nko sa mata, tenga ok nman… ok din nman daw ang health ko maliban sa lagi nga poh akong nahihilo nkakaapekto na tlga sa everyday life ko. ngpacheck-up ulit ako sa doctor ko ang sabi nya mgpact scan daw ako or mri, ngalala ko ksi baka may problema sa brain ko. instead of ct scan or mri, sinubukan ko itong buah merah bka mwala ang hilo koh…. 2x a day poh ako nainom pero ginawa kong 3x a day ok lng poh ba yun? mkakatulong na poh kya yun? sana msagot nyo poh tnx. 🙂

    1. Yes, tuloy tuloy lang po ang pag inom nyo ng buah merah at malaki ang maitutulong nito sa kalusugan nyo.

  166. I believe this Buah Merah Mix….it helps a lot to my dad….Hindi po sya makatulog ng ilang araw na po at palaging nkatulala lng. Hindi kumakain kahit anong pilit namin pakainin para bagang baliw na yung tatay ko. Dinala po namin sya sa Psychiatrist at sabi ng Doctor e-admit sya kasi ayaw nga kumain. Actually matagal ko na itong nakita tong Buah Merah na ito sa facebook kasi pakalat-kalat nlang po ito sa fb hanggang nakita ko sya ulit. Binasa ko ito and umorder ako sa kakilala ko na dealer. While my dad is in the hospital I let him to take Buah Merah Mix Juice 30 minutes b4 his meal. Ng dahil doon unti unti ng bumabalik yung tulog nya at nag-snore pa at bumalik din yung gana nya sa pagkain. Dahil doon he just stayed 1 week only in the hospital. Pinagpatuloy namin ang pagpapainom sa kanya ng Buah Merah hanggang ngayon at sa awa ng Dyos nung bumalik sya for his follow up check up na-amaze yung Doctor nya kasi ang bilis daw nya nka-recover. So we are very much happy the result of this Buah Merah Mix Juice kaya nagdealer na po ako now kasi tested and proven po ang Effectivity ng product na to. All of my family is taking this food supplement now. Thanks God.

  167. I have kidney stones.. Allergic rhinitis and weak lungs.. Sometimes nagiging anemic din ako. Somebody introduce me of Buah Merah last year. After a month of taking I stopped it. Then I realized, I need to take it again so I took last month consistent. 2 bottle cups in the morning and evening. A Chinese herbal doctor told me na meron daw akong breast cyst na maliit and at the same time polycystic din ako. I do believe that this could help me sa mga nararamdaman ko.. Ok na ba ung 2 bottle cups in am and pm or do I need to increase the dosage? How about kapag my gall bladder stone? Please advise. Thanks

    1. For your condition please take at least 3 bottle caps 3 times a day

      1. Hi, paano mag member sa buah merah dito ako sa Edmonton, Alberta,Canada. Thank you.

      2. Essensa Naturale

        Please contact us thru facebook

  168. pwede din ba siyang i-treat sa dogs??like kung ito ay may parvo??

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Ang buah merah mix po ay para sa tao pero wala namang masama kung susubukan nyo sa aso

  169. sir, pwede po ba ang buah merah sa may sakit na low potassium kasi palaging bumababa ang potassium level ko. Ito yung dahilan na hindi na ako ngkatrabaho kasi nung 2011 na-admit ako sa ospital dahil hindi na ako makalakad.

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Yes, Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  170. Hi, meron po ba branch office dito sa jeddah where I can order this product?

    Thanks Po!

    1. Essensa Naturale

      Yes, Please contact shiela at +966540301563

  171. will this treat kidney stones? if yes, paano po dosage?

    1. For more info please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

  172. Analie L. Concepcion

    i was diagnosed with cervical mass: squamous cell carcinoma. i have heard of your product from a friend and i tried drinking the mix juice. what dosage should i be taking? please advise me. thank you

    1. For more info please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. Can you send Buah Merah to Saipan? Paano mag member so I can avail of the member’s price? Please email me for details

      2. please contact us for more info at 09994458399; 09062079445

  173. syvil castroverde

    meron bang tindahan kung saan pwd makabili nyan or maghahanap pa ko ng dealer dito sa amin sa bukidnon?

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. May dealer din ba kayo sa Davao City?

      2. Wala po pero pwede kayo omorder samin, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

      3. Nakabili po ako dito sa Davao City legit dealer daw sya ng buah merah mix.
        Paano ba malalaman kung hindi fake ang bottle.

  174. Maricar Shankaran

    Hi Po inquire Po ako sa buah mirah Panu Po mging distributors I want to try..thank u

    1. please contact us for more info at 09994458399; 09062079445

  175. Kailangan bang kumain 30 minutes or 1 hour after taking buah merah? Uminom ako ng 4 bottle caps in the evening. I didn’t take dinner, I fell asleep.
    In the morning, I took 4 bottle caps again before going to work. Naramdaman ko yung dizziness after an hour. I had my breakfast after 2 hours pa coz’ I’m on the road. May side effect ba ang pag inom ng buah merah?

  176. Hi po! tanong ko lang po kung pwede ba mag take ng buah merah kahit nag take ng usana product? gumagamit kasi ako ng usana product. Salamat po!

  177. Is this medicine available in KSA.

  178. Good Day! tanong kulang po may record na po ba kayo na may napagaling na sa hepa?

  179. Hi gud evening po.. what is d dosage for person with diabetis, kidney cyst, adenomyoma, breast cyst, arthritis and eye problem.. im referring to only 1 person po.

    1. At least 1 bottle a day

      1. for how long po na dapat na i-take nya yung 1 bottle per day kung ung patient ay my chronnic kidney probmlem at candidate for dialysis, hypertensive at diabetic, at stage 3 cancer survivor for three years?
        Thank you

      2. Please consume 1 bottle a day. For more info, please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

  180. gud day..paano ba pagconsume?may hypertension kc ang misis ko at cinabi niya ito sakin 1 bottle 350 pesos.thanks.

  181. Reynalyn Manalang

    hi , my friend suffering for polyps . Pag po ba nag take sya ng Buah icocontinue nya pa den ung med na bgay ng OB nya ? Thanks

    1. Yes, wala po contraindications ang buah merah dahil hindi ito gamot, ito po ay food supplement from fruits and vegetables. Pure organic and natural juice ang buah merah mix.

  182. ung misis ko po kc my gallstone nka bili sya sa drugstore malapit smin cost 350php din po.ok po b un?

  183. gudpm po pano po ang tamang pag inom ng buah merah kc my gallstone misis ko? tnx

    1. For more info, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  184. magkano po ang memebership? at magkano ang isang bote ng buah merah?

    1. For more info, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  185. S may gallstone pano po pg take nang bua mirah?

    1. For more info, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  186. good morning..gusto ko po sn mag try uminom ng Buah Merah kasi meron akong skin allergies, ask ko lng po kung wala itong contraindication sa contraceptive pills na iniinom ko? pls. reply thanks..

    1. Wala po, pure organic and natural juice ang buah merah mix. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  187. Ask lang po pwede ba ito sa sakit na multiple myloma. Where nakakabuy sa lipa. And how many per day ang pag drink nito

    1. Pwede po, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  188. Hello. I’m a PWD, but my wife has Type 2 diabetes. Is her indigestion included in the illnesses, this juice can cure? Kindly advise. Thanks.

    1. Yes, for more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  189. Meron po b kayo outlet or member sa dubai para mabilhan nitong product?

    1. Wala po, mahal kasi ang shipping. Pwede naman po kayo omorder samin.

  190. Do you have a dealer here in Cebu City? What are the procedures to apply for a dealer? How many days po ang timetable after payment na ma received namin ang goods, e.g. destination Cebu City.

    1. Yes, to become a dealer just purchase the dealers package worth 8,480. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  191. Good day to you! Indeed, the ingredients contained in this fruit mix have their specific characters in the nutritional enhancement for our bodies. Do you manufacture buah merah here in the country or importation of the finished product is done?
    If it is not too much to ask, which type of Vit. E derivative is found in buah merah (tocotrienol or tocopherol – based)?
    Is the resulting formulation of the fruit mix alkaline or acidic?
    Do you conduct regular product knowledge training sessions? Where and when?
    Do you have a landline I can call?
    Thank you and more power to you, Essensa Naturale.

    1. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  192. Hello, pwd po ba ito s low blood, at nkakapag pataba po ba ito?

    1. Pwede po, pampalakas ng immune system at pampagana sa pagkain

  193. Hi,
    A friend of mine recommend your product to me.I’m interested to use it. My wife is suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (similar to emphysema) and taking a lot of medicine, will this help to boost her immune system and at the same time act as a detox?
    Kindly reply asap and where can I order and quantity to be delivered at our place?

    1. Yes, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  194. how to be a member?

    1. Please contact buah merah mix depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  195. Pwede po ba perimenopausal?

    1. Pwede po, to order please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  196. Renie Gonzales-Groom

    Do you have an outlet in the UK? If not, how do we sign up to be a distributor?

  197. h! po sir habang binabasa q ang mga comment nila about sa buah nag kakaroon aq ng pg asa gusto q po k.z painumin ang mama q at kapatid q case sa mama q ay ung pananakit ng buong katawan nya halos ayaw nya masagi lalo na yung dulo ng daliri nia.Sa kapatid q nmn parang matamlam sya at mahinang kumain 13 years old na sya at sa akin nmn po laging daley ang menstrsyon q.kahit anong uri ng sakit sir pwede inumin malalaman o simpleng sakit.

    1. For more info, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  198. hello good eves po.. May goiter po ako at cysts sa breast , abnormal yong menstruation ko kasi 2days lng at tapos na ang menstrution ko at thickened yong uterus lining or endometrium ko 8mm ang thickness kya sabi nang doctor mdyo mhirapan dw akong mgka-baby.. Ask ko lng po kng mkakatulong po bang mwala ang goiter ko? cysts sa breasts? At maging normal ung menstrution ko? At ninipis ba ang uterus lining ko at mgka-baby na kng iinom ako nitong buah merah? At ilang dosage ba kelangan kng inomin pra dito? Hoping for positive Response.. Thank you.

    1. Lahat po yan kayang pagalingin ng buah merah mix. Please contact us for more info at 09994458399; 09060279445

  199. Maria cristina timbol

    Good pm can i ask po if paano maging dstributor thanks..and how can i order po.. tarlac area

    1. Please contact buah merah mix depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  200. Hello po gud.eve!!! Ask po sana ako kahapon po pinainom ko ang husband ko ng buah mera dahil may ulcer at butod sa tyanm…2bottle cups b4 dinner pro bakit ho nahihirapan ho syang huminga at sumasakit sikmura nya. Kaninang umaga pinainom ko na namn 2bottle cups b4 meal pro same situition again kagaya ng isang araw?? Bakit sa obsirbasyon ko bumabalik po sa dati ang sakit nya..is ds the reaction of taking buah merah?? Pls rply po

    1. Pakitanong na lang po din sa pinagbilhan nyo, depende po kasi sa karamdaman kung pano ang pag inom ng buah merah at dapat sa authorized dealer kayo bumibili. Kung sumasakit ang tyan dapat pinapainom nyo ang buah merah 1 hour after meals.

  201. Ask ko lng po gumamit po ng buah merah Juice si tatay Pero bakit daw tumigas Tiiyan Nya n prang may gabag Talaga po bang ganun Kasi po may cancer cya

    1. Cancer po ba saan ang nararamdaman ng tatay nyo? Kung colon ay kelangan mag fasting at buah merah lang ang inumin

  202. hi po ask lang ako kung may gumaling na po ba na ng dialysis na umiinom ng buah merah????

    1. Marami na po

      1. ano pong kailangang gawin?

  203. How much including shipping to send 20 bottles to New Zealand

    1. Please send us message thru FB

  204. Hi!. safe po ba ito sa may g6pd?. Thanks!

  205. pd po ba ang buah mera sa mga dina dialysis?

    1. Pwede po

  206. Effective din po ba ang buah merah sa may ulcer?

  207. Have a grace filled day po. Just to inquire. How to reach you out when it becomes of payment I will put my order since I am recently residing here in Israel. How much the charge of the shipping. My problem is I have a FIBROCYSTIC breast. This coming September 13, I am schedule for 2nd Mamogram and breast ultrasound. I’m sincerely worried about my health. Please do let me know your procedure. I’ve been taking 24/7 global product but it won’t help me. The worst side effect I couldn’t sleep at night. Thank you. Be blessed!

    1. Hi isabel, please contact us on fb for more info

  208. serving suggestion printed on the bottle states that 1 to 2 bottle caps; 30 mins to 1 hr before meal with 1 glass of water. Does it mean that everytime I take it, i will drink a glass of water? what if i won’t drink water, what will happen? does it lessen it’s effect? pls reply

  209. Do I really have to drink before meals? What if I drink any time of the day, what will happen?

  210. Hi and Hello- Pwedy po ba ito sa Gall Bladder Polyps? me multiple Gall Bladder Polyps ang friend ko.. Thanks

    1. Pwede po, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  211. Hi good morning po, ask ko lang po kung magagamot rin ung may Cervical Polyp? worried po kasi ako, ang laki na po kasi ng polyp baka po bumaba ung chance na magkababy ako, wala daw po kasing gamot para dun sabi ng OB ko. Thank you po.

    1. YEs, pwede po ang buah merah mix. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  212. Pwdi poh b uminon ung my sakit sa puso?

    1. Pwede po

  213. How to join or become a dealer with your product.Iam living in vancouver canada.

  214. sir gusto ko po bumili peru di ko alam kung paano? gusto ko pong subukan para sa mama ko may ovarian cancer po kasi siya.. need ko po asap!! please message me asap. thank you po

    1. for more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  215. Magkano po magpa remember?
    Plzzz need reply..

    1. for more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  216. Its so very very disgusting going to Essensa office to order 4 bottles of Buah Merah that you cannot buy because its out of stock even though there were lots of buah merah boxes in the storage room. Imagine, I came from my office in Tanay, Rizal and just to buy buah merah…going home empty handed. I am a Solo Parent that l cannot afford to buy by boxes(which l learned that priority to buy are those purchasing by boxes).
    Please give others the opportunity to buy even thou how small their purchases are.

  217. Good day sir/ma’am!
    Magkano po ba ang order ng per bottle ng Buah Merah Mix ?

    1. 350/bottle

  218. Hello po, my 3yr old daughter is currently taking buah merah. I want to know if she can still take this while having her radiotherapy. Thank you.

  219. meron po ba kyo dealer dito sa part ng isabela or nueve vizcaya? gusto ko po bumili ng buah merah. ty

    1. for more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  220. May allergic rhinitis po aq gusto q pong mlaman kung pwede po sa akn ito,mrmi n po aqng nainom n gmot at wla pong epekto please i need to know kc iniisp q,po kung first vita plus or buah merah kung alin po sa dlwa

  221. Hi po, may nakita po ako sa SM North Edsa na nagtitinda ng buah merah mix legit po kaya yon?

  222. Puede po ba kayong mag donate sa mga batang may cancer sa Phil. Children Hospital

  223. pwd po b sa 15 month old ang buah merah?

    1. Pwede po

  224. I am interested to be a dealer..but i am a resident of Canada..is it ok to be a dealer with a joint name.?

    1. Yes, we need only your trust. as dealer you need to register Php8,480.00.. out of this amount you will be given products: 25 bottlte buahmerah, 5 red mint, shampoo, conditioner, your ID as dealer.

  225. 30bottles shipment to Canada how long it will take to deliver and how much is the shipment cost?

  226. Pano malalaman kung umapekto ang buah merah..ano ang mararamdaman sa katawan

  227. I would like to be a distributer for Africa,can you send me the information about the product point system

  228. Hello po.Meron po ba kayong mga dealers dito sa Cagayan de Oro or around MIsamis Oriental? Kasi meron po akong kilala nagdadala ng buah merah. Pano po malalaman kung totoo or fake yung product?

    1. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  229. Pwede po ba ang buah merah sa may thyroid?

    1. Pwede po

  230. HI! been using buah for 10btls last month and I stopped this month becos we’re here in uae and the shipping is quite expensive. is this ok for gerd/or acid reflux? is there any conflicts because im also taking medicine. hope to hear from u soon.. God bless buah mera..

  231. ask ko lang pokc tuwing inom po ako ng uah merah mix after 2 days tinatrangkaso po ako. either sipon at ubo. natural lang po ba yn almost 1 month na po umiinom pero d tuloy tuloy kc naubusan ako stock.
    meron minsan 1 week d po ako nakainom mawala ung ubo ko pag uminom ulit ayan na naman po.pero teted ko naman po cya kc bumaba po bp ko lagi.
    thanks and god bless

  232. HI. Ask ko lng ung mother ko kasi ayaw mgptanggal ng breast nya, would it possible na maging cancer free padin cya? Mg one month na naming nlaman n my breast cancer cya, almost one month ndn cya ng iinom ng buah merah.

  233. Naoperahan na si Mama ko mastectomy and suggest po ng Doktor na either positive or negative ang result ng 2nd biopsy nya need raw po siyang ichemo para daw sure na walang madedevelop na cancer cells pwede ba kaming tumanggi at itry muna tong product na to? Thanks.

    1. Pwede po, For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. Hello po, tanong ko po kung pAno mag order online, dealer na po ako.gusto ko po padeliver going to iloilo thNx po.

  234. Hi admin,

    Is this page still active po ? Gusto ko mag pamember , either for personal or business use ..


    1. For orders please contact 09994458399; 09062079445


  236. Gusto ko po mag order at pa deliver sa iloilo po.pwde po ba sa inyo? Member na po ako.. hnd po ba kauagkaroon ng branch sa iloilo thanx po

  237. dto po sa commonwealth quezon city may outlite naba kayo kc gusto po namin bumeli at masubokan kc ung kasama ko dito nasubukan na niya efective po

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  238. I just want to know how to order this item and what’s the price.

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  239. I’d like to know if it’s safe to drink buah merah while the person is already taking western medicines to prevent kidney functions from deteriorating… thank you.

  240. i just want know how to order this itom i am from pakistan and your real web site and the price of this products and member ship and your company program

  241. Pwede po ba ito sa may congestive heart failure?

  242. Requisa Hayra Alegro

    hi gudpm,my mother has colon cancer stage 4 with metastatic to other organs, ilang pong bottle for 1 day???pls help po..tnx

    1. At least 1 bottle a day, mas effective po kung mag fasting at buah merah mix lang ang inumin.

      1. Requisa Hayra Alegro

        What do you mean po n mgfasting?, pwdi po ba isabay pa rin yung iba nyang mga supplements?

  243. good afternoon po. okay lang po ba uminom nang pain reliever once mkaramdam na nang sakit sa affected area pagkatapos uminom nang buah merah juice?

  244. Good day,
    My husband was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 4 last april 15, 2016. Nag undergo na rin po siya ng radiation and chemotherapy. Only the other month, nag undergo xa ng operation to remove permanently yung kanyang rectum..
    gusto po naming i try ang bua merah, anong dosage po?

    1. 1 bootle a day for cancer. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  245. hi, ok po kaya ito na ipainom sa mother ko. Liver cancer po sakit nya. either stage 3 or 4 as we haven’t yet confirmed with the doctors confirmed cancer nga. and if yes what ilan dosage kaya? Thanks

    1. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  246. Meron po b kau netong buah merah sa Vienna Austria

  247. Nakakatulong po ba ito maagpatubo ng buhok?

  248. ilang bottle caps po ang sa may sakit sa kidney stone,yung sa kidney stone po nya ay mga parang buha-buhangin lang dw sbi ng doktor ny at glabladder stone mliit p nman dw..

    1. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  249. tumaas ang creatinine level ko at nagtatake ako meds at other food supplement, gusto ko itry ang buah merah, need ko bang stop ung recent ko food supplement?

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  250. Hi. I have a feeling that i have a Myoma because i have those syntoms but im not sure coz i didnt go to hospital to check coz im afraid n i dont have budget if ever.
    I want to try Buah Merah. How to take this? How many cups or please give me details how n exact measure. Please reply.Thank u so much.

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  251. pwde po ba painom sa 2 years old ung buah merah??

    1. Pwede po

  252. HI po, regarding ur product i heard it from a common friend, just this year.. i been married for almost 3yrs now.. weve been to doctors for general checkup seems were both eager to have a child.. ive been to lots of vitamins, bisayan healing and eat more of fruits and vege… im just curious of talking ive heard from people who tried.. is it true that it is posible to help couples to bear child in the future by drinking it??

    1. For more info, please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  253. I tried my son drinking buah merah.i saw something different.thats why i want to ask. How to order.we are from mindanao.

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. hi

        Im allan from mindanao i was diagnosed with fatty liver before, is buah merah will helps?

      2. HI

        meron po ako sakit gastritis at hirap makatulog. OK BA BUAH MERAH INOMIN para sa ganitong sakit?

  254. hi po im diagnosed of cervical cancer stage 3b and done my first round of chemo and radio po taz still 3 weeks left for my radiotherapy pero ayoko ng sumabak ulit dhil sobrang hirap na ung katawan ko…Then when i came back po dto sa Pinas someone told me po na try ko po ung buah merah well this is my 2 weeks na taking buah merah…well im still hoping po na it helps to cure my cancer…na no regret that i choosed buah merah than therapy…Wish me luck and God will guide me for taking Buah merah…

  255. hi ask ko lang po ung mother ko po kasi may sakit sa baga. Hindi pa po naming alam kung anong sakit nya dahil hindi po ma detect kung anong mass ung nakita sa baga nya. hindi po kasi kaya ibiopsy dahil nakadikit po ito at may nakaharang na buto. so trinay ko po painumin ung mother ko ng miracle juice na buah merah at thanks God gumaan po ang pakiramdam nya. ang tanong ko lang po may tulong po ba ang buah merah sa paggaling ng mother ko. sinasamahan naman po naming ng dasal. pero may time po na prang may biglang dadaang kirot at bigat tapos bigla po mawawala. salamat po. sana po masagot nyo ako. God bless sa inyo.

  256. Meron po bang dealer ditto sa Toronto Canada?

  257. pde po kayang pagsabayin apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses sa buah merah? may endometrial cysts po ako..

    1. puede po nmn po cguro

  258. Hi I was diagnosed of Breast Cancer on 2015 and had 6 chemotherapies. My latest Chest Xray and ct scan showed nodules sa lungs at duda ng doctor cancer din daw. I refused to undergo biopsy. Nag start ako ng Buah merah 1 week na. I am praying that this will help me . Hindi akosure kung original ang binibili ko na Buah merah . Saan po ang outlet nyo sa Negros Occidental ? Anong dosage dapat e take ko ?

    1. Please take 1 bottle a day

  259. Is there any dealer here at US? Im from Texas

    1. Hi good eve, I think there’s no dealer in your place because essensa naturale, particularly buahmerah is only in the philippines. the chemist is a Filipino. this medicinal juice will be sent to other countries if there’s somebody wants to avail. are you interested to this just call 09062079445; 09994458399

  260. hello poh. tanong ko lang po, may posibilidad po ba na maubusan kayo ng supply ng bottle? kasi may nabili ako buah merah juice galing sa stockist dto samin at ang sabi kya daw po iba yung packaging saka bote kasi naubosan ng supply ng bote po.

  261. Hello. ask ko po if paano magmember? tnx

    1. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  262. Yung wife ko is currently preggy. But unstable ang BP nya, minsan normal, kadalasan naman mataas. At laging tumitigas ang tyan. She told me about this product and sabi ko alamin namin kung okey ba at safe sa buntis at kung walang side effects. If anyone here na preggy rin or naka experience na magtake nito, your advise at anumang maisi share nyo is malaking tulong sa amin. Salamat po.

  263. Hello po pede nag tatake po aku ng vitamin C 1000 or ascòrbic acid sa morning at umiinom din po aku ng buah merah mix before and after meal hindi po BA masama or ma overdoze aku thank u Po

  264. Hi ask ko lang if contraindicated to kapag may tinitake na medication?
    Thank you

    1. Wala po contraindication ang buah merah mix dahil pure organic and natural ang sangkap ng buah merah mix

  265. paki clarify po ung pag inom..1 bottle or 1 bottle of cap? ksi baka po 1 bottle ang iinumin na diretso for 1 day.

    1. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  266. Hi,
    gusto kong bumili nang per box, how much ang per box at ilang bottles sya,

    1. Hi Jarol, for more info please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

  267. Can it cure brain hemorrhage?

  268. I suffed 2nd degree burn on my both feet and leegs.. May epecto ba kung iinom ako ng buah merah? Anong mapapayo mo sakin?

    1. Makakatulong po sa mabilis na recovery ang buah merah mix.

  269. Kidney fail na po ung sakin chronic kidney desease. Nka schedule na po ako for dialysis. Pwede po ba sakin ang buah merah ? Thanks po

    1. Yes, pwede pa po. Kahit yong mga dialysis patient nag take pa rin ng buah merah mix

  270. may cyst po ako sa likod 1-nch diameter, magagamot po ba ng buah merah ito? gano po katagalat karami ang gamutan?

    1. Depende po yan sa immune system nyo, ang iba mabilis gumaling mga 3 months. Depende po sa may katawan at depende kung anong klaseng cyst yan.

  271. effective po ba ito sa maybukol sa esophagus ?

    1. Pwede nyo po subukan, wag nyo lang paiinumin ng tubig para effective sa kanya ang buah merah

  272. Pwde rin po ba ito sa My ulcer pano po pg inom pa ulcer

    1. Pwede po, please contact us for more info at 09994458399; 09062079445

  273. Hi,
    I’m interested with buah merah mix. How to join or become a member? Thanks

    1. Please contact us for more info at 09994458399; 09062079445

  274. hi my husband is taking 1 cap of buah merah per day pero my lumalabas sa kanyang katawan parang allergy.. can you advice us. I STOP AT THE MOMEMT.

  275. Sir, this is to inquire the dosage of your products especially if with illness. What is the dosage with illness and dosage for just for maintenance. Thank you.

    1. For more info please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  276. Myron po ba kayo sa davao?tnx.

    1. Please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  277. hi, I just want to ask kung meron po ba kayong dealer dito sa Occidental Mindoro? thanks

    1. Wala po kaming dealer dyan, pwede naman kayo omorder samin. Please contact 09062079445; 09994458399

  278. Pwede po ba ipainom ito sa mga bata and lactating moms?

  279. Ang takip po ba nang buah merah bottle may ron pa po bang ring na naka attach o wala na?

  280. good day po paano po inumin ng may isang stage 4 na lung canser ang buamerah stage 4 na kasi ang canser ng nanay ko umi inom napo siya ng buamerah 3 gimes a day hindi ko lang ho alam kung tama yung way ng pag inom nya salamat po.

    1. Pag cancer patient at least 1 bottle a day divided into 2 or 3 dosage.

  281. I live in Alberta,Canada..i really want to to try this product.Please let me know how i can order.Thanks!

  282. How true po ba to. S this pure? How to order? And hm?. Thanks po

    1. For orders please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  283. Hi good morning.
    Kaya po ba maremove ang bato sa apdo ng product nyo?

  284. Hi sir.. I am using Buah Merah bigay ng secretary ko sa QC. She advised me to join as member para mkatipid. I live here in Las Pinas. Do you have any office near our area where I can join as a member and also who can support me in case i decide to do network marketing or become a distributor.

    I knew a friend who is already endorsing buah merah but she’s not inviting me yet.

    1. Hi, Please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445

      1. hi sir pwd bah ang Buah Merah sa gusto mag ka anak?

      2. Pwede po, for more info please contact 09062079445; 09994458399

  285. hi ma tanung ko lang po may 1 month na po nag take mama ko ng buah merah 2-3 takip per day may mga bukul na malaki sya sa leeg at may mga kulani din sya madalas sya maduwal at at simula nung nag buah merah sya lumakas katawan nya atpero halos araw araw sumasakitr bukol nya at lagi sya may lagnat sabi ng buah merah dealer samin sintomas daw yun na gumagana na daw yung buah merah totoo po ba yun at sapat na po ba ang ok lang po ba 2-3 takip sa isang araw iniinom ng mama ko.

  286. Hello po Mam i was diagnosed with cervical tumor stage 2B ..mam ayaw ko pong mag pa chemoradiation theraphy…highly recommended po etong buah merah to prevent tumor …can u please help me what to do?appreciated much po!

    1. For orders and inquiries please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  287. Na operahan ako sa breast at lympa then naalis na yung cancer stage 3A sabi ng Doctor para di na bumalik magpa chemo daw ako. Ayaw ng asawa ko. I was drinking buah mera na last December! Ok lng ba na di na ko mag pa chemo at ituloy ko lng ang buah mera? P

    1. Ok lang po, tuloy tuloy lang ang pag inom para tuluyan na mawala ang cancer cells sa katawan nyo.

  288. Hi. How much each? And how much shipment greit to Norway?

  289. tanong ko lng po,mataas kc ang allergy ng anak ko according sa allergiologist, ky monthly inadvice cy ng turok for immuno, ngttake n po cy ng buahmerah ngyn, mga ilang bottles caps po ba ang kelangn nyng inumin daily?? pro sa gabi lng cl nakakainum kc maaga pasok nl sa school sbi kc 30 minutes before meal, e pagkakagising nila kain na agad cl ang almusal ky hindi n cl nakakainum sa morning…

  290. pwede po ba sa buntis at mejo mataas ang platelet ang buah merah? feeling ko po kc nanghihina ako bale 2nd pregnancy ko n po

  291. pansin ko lng po, yung nakasulat sa label ng bottle na “not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating mothers” bakit po nakikita ko sa mga nag po post sabi nila pwede sa bata, buntis o nagpapadede.. Ano po ba talaga ang totoo? wag nyo naman po sana mislead ang consumers.

  292. anu po dosage nyo may malaking bukol po mama ko sa leeg at may mga kulani sa magkabila side ng leeg at may 1 month na po sya umiinom ng 2-3 takip ng buah mera pero ngayun 3-4 cups na po ok na po ba yun

    1. Ok lang po, the higher the dosage the better

  293. Ask lang po. Kung ano ideal dosage pra sa baby na 2 years old . May tumor Po Yung baby namin. Tinanggal Ang isa niyang itlog. Hindi pa ma define ng doctor Kung anong stage . Ang findings lang is malignant Yung result ng biopsy.

    1. For orders and inquiries please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  294. Hi, I’ve been drinking this for over 3 weeks now
    and I don’t feel good,’instead I’m having a
    Hard time walking getting worse? I really
    don’t know if this is effective or no.
    Thank you.

  295. Pwede po ba ito sa may migraine?

    1. Pwede po. Please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  296. sana matulungan aq ng buah merah, breast cancer patient po aq naka 49sessions n aq ng chemo at 36sessions ng radiation, dahil sobrang lumaki un bukol q s left side ng armpit ngaun po may bukol uli aq s dibdib s tapat at puso at s leeg, maintenace q n dw po ang chemo sabi n gdoktor, wla npo aq pera para s chemo, gusto ko pong itry tong buah merah

  297. Hi I’m from Florida how to order I need it now ASAP I have a big fibroids pls help me . Text thanks

  298. Effective po ba eto sa my asthma? My office po kau sa Imus, Cavite?

    1. Yes, please contact imus cavite depot at 09994458399; 09062079445

  299. pwede po ba ito sa mata para po sa tatay ko dina sya nakakita last year lang po?

  300. jocelyn L. Panaligan

    puede ba eto sa 14to15 years na bata

    1. Pwede po. For orders please contact 09994458399; 09062079445

  301. mag ask sana ako about buah merah iregual ang regla ko bali after 1 year tyaka lang ako niregla tas gusto ko na namin po magka anak ano ma advice nyo?

    1. Effective po dyan ang buah merah mix. For more info please contact us at 09994458399; 09062079445.

  302. ano name sa facebook?

  303. Pwedi po ba to s may kidney problem

    1. Pwede po, please contact us to order at 09994458399; 09062079445

  304. ask ko kung okay ang buah merah sa regular at yun gusto na mabuntis?

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